Big Picture

From: Alex Twum, Regional Director

Area: West and Central Africa

Date: April 9, 2020


In view of the lock down in Togo all public gatherings, including religious activities, are banned. CEF of Togo employed a means where the children could be reached. They decided to go from house to house distributing Bible Correspondence Courses to the children. They were able to distribute 10 cartons, each containing 400 lessons. As the time of this report 2,289 completed lessons have been collected. Out of this, 1120 people indicated they have trusted Jesus as Saviour!


This method caught the attention of some pastors, who are now excited about getting involved in the distribution and grading of courses. This has resulted in a strong partnership between CEF and some churches. We believe this will continue after this Coronavirus season.


Parents have also become interested because the children have been engaged in the Word of God to keep them busy for a good purpose. Some parents called our workers to encourage them and said they are also involved in the courses. God has provided a way for our workers, parents and pastors to foster unity for the sake of the children’s salvation.


Even in adversity like this God has a way for us to reach the children with the Gospel.