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From CEF Benton County, Oregon, USA:

We just finished our very first Online Good News Club! Praise God! In Oregon it is Spring Break, but we started a club anyway. We had ten children attending from two schools…They were awesome about interacting with each part of club. By our review game at the end they knew all the answers and were even able to say our memory verse…It was also encouraging to see their parents of sibling watching from a corner of the room, or helping them set up. We also got little glimpses into each home life.


Using zoom we had five teachers, each engaged from our own homes. Every kid would know at least two of the teachers already…I ran the PPT through the screen share and had the downloaded mp4 for our one song [while others taught]. Next time I’ll use a second monitor to make it easier to share the PPT and moderate what is being shown at the same time…With our smaller club and decently behaved kids it actually worked well to have the kids all unmuted unless there was significant background noise as it was a much more natural interaction with them…


This first club was definitely a test club where we learned much, but my next week we’ll have two clubs. [Each club] will feature teachers from their clubs in the teaching team.