Big Picture

We were able to reserve a 3 – 3:40 P M meeting daily Monay-Friday on ZOOM.US. Today was our 2nd day. 10 tuned in yesterday-2 were adults. 42 participated today. We are allowed 100 participants. The MP4’s are not coming through, and with heavy winds here there were stalls on my computer during the story. (I was not the host, just the assistant. I IPEARed the verse; Prov. 3:5-6 as it was our 2nd day in the Life of Esther curriculum. They aced the review game, seemed to need the Prayer and Wonder Time, Story and verse lessons, and participated in actions we asked them to do at home. It was quite easy (for us 2 “older” (65 yr old) teachers, as compared to driving and unloading all our tools at 2-3 different locations!

Jan, Director in King County, (Seattle, WA)