Big Picture
4/15/2020 From: Maggie Haines, International Headquarters, Missouri, USA Your Good News Club volunteers need encouragement during these days when they can’t meet face-to-face with their children. Here are some ideas:
  • Mail an encouraging note or postcard to each volunteer. Thank them specifically for their service in GNC.
  • Call and pray with them. Share encouraging Scriptures.
  • Have a group video chat with your entire club team. Pray for each other and the children.
  • If you have at-risk volunteers or GNC families, offer to go grocery shopping for them.
  • Text or email often to check on your volunteers. They are a valuable ministry asset!
  • Encourage the volunteers to share the CEFCOVID-19 resources with their children, grandchildren, neighbors, Facebook community, church families, and more! Let them know how much impact this can have.
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