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Read a letter from Reese Kauffman explaining the challenge for children around the world to pray for the children of North Korea.  Go to
Short 3:15 minute video of Reese Kauffman issuing the challenge to pray for North Korea.

Show at Christian Youth In Action® or other events. Reese Kauffman challenges teens and adults to pray for children in North Korea and ask children to pray. Download at

Brand-New Presentation for Children in 5-Day Club from CEF Press®   

Fresh from the writer’s and editor’s desk — a 5-part presentation for use in 5-Day Club or Good News Club.  Each day has three to five minutes of encouragements for children to pray for North Korea.  Log in to the Resource Library and then follow this link

To find the following North Korea Prayer Resources on, sign in to and then choose the top category “Pray for North Korea.”  

Prayer Card for 5-Day Club®

A pack of 100 is included with each 100 wristbands purchased.

Order extra prayer cards
A pack of 100 for $5.00

Download and print your own.


POSTERS–Pray for North Korea Poster  

13 x 19 full-color poster on heavier paper (same type used for song visuals and flashcards).  Order one for each 5-Day Club team at only $0.50 each.


Wristbands for Children  “Pray for the children in North Korea.” 

Includes one pack of 100 prayer cards with each pack of wristbands.
Pricing for packs of 100 wristbands sized for kids
1-5 packs  $30 each
6-10 packs $25 each (save 16%)
11 or more packs $23 each (save 23%)

Wristbands Adult Size

Teachers will want to wear a wristband as an example to the kids in their club.
Packs of 10, $3.00 each.

FLIER/BULLETIN INSERT–Prayer Challenge Message from Reese Kauffman 

Two per page.  Download PDF.

VINYL BANNERS–Pray for North Korea  (Available after June 19)

3′ x 5′ banner  $25 each
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