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CEF USA Ministries is pleased to announce a new partnership with Protect My Ministry as our endorsed background check provider.

To sign up go to and click on the blue “Get Started Now” button.

Our investigation of alternative providers began when we learned that Lexis Nexus had sold their service to another company.  In checking references, a common theme was Protect My Ministry’s excellent customer service.  Protect My Ministry offers:

Protect My Ministry provides local and state CEF offices:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use program with fast results
  • Superior quality checks that eliminate “false positive” reports
  • Excellent rates for the basic package and for the additional county checks that are
    needed in some states
  • The ability for volunteers to apply online for their background check and volunteer application, which will save time. Also, volunteers can run their own check and the resulting report will mask their SSN, which is a benefit for some volunteers.
  • The ability to search for past reports without having to know the month and year in
    which the report was initially run
  • Notification of the five-year date for rescreening
  • Load a batch of screenings using an excel template
  • Export screening results
  • Print reports to PDF (SSNs will display only the last four digits). No more black magic markers!

Packages and Options

Packages and options are detailed at

  • Most chapters will want to choose Ministry Mobilizer Bundle 3 ($599 fee per year waived for CEF affiliates). With this option the online applicants will be presented with a form that matches the CEF Confidential Screening Form and Background Check Authorization.
  • Those interested in having their volunteers run their own and pay for their own background checks will choose the Applicant Pay Option, where applicants can run and pay for their own screenings for $6  ($4 for search and $2 fee for credit card transaction).  Note that this option, as it is presented, requires that ALL screenings be processed in this manner.
  • Applicant Pay Option and Office Entry Option — this option provides flexibility where the CEF office can enter applications at the Basic Package price AND applicants can enter and pay for their own applications at the $6 price. This option is not a standard one offered by PMM but they have set up a system to allow CEF this option. Contact the USA Communication Center ( or 800-300-4033 ext. 1310) for more information.

Fee Schedule

  • One-time set-up fee of $39.
  • Basic Package $4.00 (National Criminal and Sex Offender Search, Social Security Number Verification and Address History Search)
  • Plus Package $10.00 (plus mandatory court fees) (Basic Package plus one court search)
  • County Court Search  $6.00 (plus mandatory court fees)
  • Statewide Court Search $6.00 (plus mandatory court fees)
  • Volunteer Pay Basic Package $6.00 ($4 basic package plus $2 credit charge fee) (National Criminal and Sex Offender Search, SSN Verification and Address History Search)

For a complete fee schedule go to