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This email was sent to CEF paid staff, board members and committee members in the USA.
CEF Leaders,
It is important that every board member, staff member and committee member review the new USA Operations and Policy Manual Version 2. Questions and comments should be directed to your state office as they have already processed how the changes will affect your state.
Please read this entire email before downloading the manual. It is available in PDF format and a printed version may be ordered by chapters through CEF Press ®.
The manual is a document intended only for CEF boards, committees and staff. Please do not share it publicly online. PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS THE MANUAL FROM PUBLIC COMPUTERS.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you have received any other copies of the USA Operations and Policy Manual, they should be discarded and removed from your system. Version 1 and previous drafts are no longer valid. For leaders that have already reviewed version 1 and would like release notes for version 2, please email
Thank you,
CEF USA Ministries

To:  State board members, committee members and staff members
From:  Ron Tant, Vice President, USA Ministries

Below you will find a link to the latest USA Organizational Manual, newly titled USA Operations and Policy Manual. Compared to past editions, it is different!

Hopefully simplified, clarified, and organized in such a way to make finding topics much easier. As you know from State Leadership Conference 2017, we are moving director-level staff from doing programs to developing people. This transition from “post-governance” to positioning ourselves for God’s blessings is crucial for USA at this point in history. Many things changed during governance of 2013 till present day; now we must move director-level staff beyond the minutia to developing people to reach more children with the Gospel!

The topics outlined in this manual are best practices to date. Some practices allowed in the past were stop-gap measures; i.e., couples having two separate votes. That change in particular was allowed due to the inability of local chapters to find committee members. That practice, along with others, needs to move to best practices. ALL organizations worth their salt continuously move toward best practices, since best practices are widely accepted as the “gold standard.” Is any chapter in 100% complete alignment with all polices in this manual? Probably not. But as many Christian nonprofits attest to, “When best practices become your norm, you have positioned yourself for God’s blessings.”  Another best practice outlined here is the retention of a state CPA, to put legal distance between the ministry and the IRS. Another is keeping confidential ministry items, including files, in an office setting rather than in a home setting. The goal is to be guiltless of any conflict of interest, compromise of private information, and to prove to a watching world that your state operates with fiduciary excellence.

Are we all there yet? No. Are we moving in that direction? Absolutely. Where do you start in prioritizing moving toward excellence? By taking a ministry health assessment with the Ministry Health Handbook. Evaluating key areas will enable you to better prioritize transitioning from doing to developing. Development is heads above doing in every respect. And with God leading all of us for the next steps, we can rest assured He will bless out of His abundance…with volunteers, prayer warriors, finances, and children reached with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ!

God bless you as you navigate where to go, how to go, and how fast to go. May God give you wisdom as you lead!

Ron Tant

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R-Form Current Versions Are Online
There is a new way to use R-Forms that puts the most current version in your hands every time. Also, the new way allows board and committee members access to R Forms. Some of the forms are now digital with plans to convert more as fitting.
R-Forms are now accessible using password cefusa2019 at
The watermarked R-Forms in the USA Operations and Policy Manual are there as a courtesy so that the user may get a sense of the form.  Do not use the forms that are watermarked. The watermark states that the document is a sample and directs the user to the correct place to access the form.
When a form is needed, it should always be accessed from (Please do not store blank copies of R-Forms on your system.)
The USA Operations and Policy Manual is intended for use only by CEF staff, board members and committee members. Please make sure that it is not posted or shared anywhere publicly or online.
TO ACCESS THE USA OPERATIONS AND POLICY MANUAL Version 2,  (contact USA Ministries for password)