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Wonder Devotional DVD

Not every child is a reader or has parents that will take the time to read Wonder Devotional books to them. Even kids who can read will enjoy seeing their Wonder Devotional book on the screen!

  • Solid theological training for children with life applications.
  • Beautiful visuals.
  • Professional presentations and background music.
  • 32 devotionals
    • Gods Attributes and Character
    • God’s Standards
    • Prophecy
    • Jesus’ Life on Earth
    • Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Watching the video at home plants the seed of the Gospel in the whole family!

Start a campaign to provide a DVD for every child in Good News Club.  This would be a great project to introduce new supports to your ministry! Only $1 each for orders for 50 or more.  For additional pricing information see below.  Order at

“I recently took an online course with Moody Bible Institute and the CEF Wonder Devotional DVD covers much of the same material and the graphics and sound are so much better!  The theological terms are missing, like hypostatic union, but the teaching is there on a child’s level.”


Quantity   Chapters   Retail
1-19         $1.99       $3.29
20-49       $1.50       $2.50
50+          $1.00