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World Day of Prayer is just a few weeks away on November 6. This is a day our CEF founding fathers gave us, to be held annually on the first Wednesday of November. This day of prayer has such power and potential, that we choose to step away from direct ministry to children for 24 hours and, instead, pray on behalf of children. 
“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” ~Oswald Chambers
I urge state and local chapters and each staff member, to set aside Wednesday, November 6 for prayer for the ministry of CEF around the globe. But don’t spend the day alone. Invite other staff members, churches, board and committee members, teens, and volunteers to join you.
Here at International Headquarters we organize different activities.
  • We meet around large floor maps of the world and the USA to pray.
  • We raise international and USA state flags and pray.
  • We go into the different offices and pray for those staff.
  • We go on outdoor prayer walks.
  • Throughout the day, we pray in large and small groups, as well as have time alone with God.
It is important to seek the Lord for His direction and power in our personal lives and the ministry.
Our prayer guide is a booklet with requests from our International Board of Trustees, Headquarters staff, USA states, and the eight regions around the world. Easy instructions to access this resource are available below.
One year ago, on World Day of Prayer, we launched the Luke 10:2 worldwide prayer initiative. You can find resources at Scroll down to view the 4½ min. “Luke 10:2 Visualized” video; you may want to include the video in your plans for the day.
What matters is the power of God working in the midst of our ministry. The power of God comes through prayer; prayer is the work of the ministry. When it’s all said and done, it’s prayer that makes the difference.
Yours for all the children,
Reese R. Kauffman
PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH OR POST this information on the Internet such as websites, Facebook and other social media. We often share prayer needs, which if made public, could hinder a ministry or bring harm to our staff and volunteers. Thank you for understanding and thank you for praying.
To download the CEF prayer guide follow this link.