Give your testimony

Please share your story of how any of the ministries of Child Evangelism Fellowship® (Good News Club®, 5-Day Club®, etc.) impacted you as a child and how God is working in your life today as a result.

My church uses CEF curriculum in their Sunday School. When I was 5 years old I was saved through the teaching of a CEF Bible Lesson. I now work as an intern at CEF International Headquarters and the internship has redirected my career and life goals. Caitlyn

CEF has had such an impact on my life and the lives of those in my family. Our connection with CEF actually started long before I was born. In the early and mid 1940’s my Great Grandma hosted and taught a Good News Club in her home. My Grandpa was discipled as a child in this club. As retired adults my Grandpa and my Grandma joined the local CEF committee and met the local director. That man would eventually become my father. As a young child I watched my parents teach many Good News Clubs, 5-Day Clubs, and Vacation Bible Schools. Growing up in a home where there was such an emphasis on missions truly shaped my entire value system. As a young child I would tell people that when I grew up all I wanted to be was a 5-Day Club teacher! Even when I went through college and Grad school I always had the desire to be in full-time ministry. Now that I have been on staff with CEF for six years I can look back and see that God had a plan for me all along and CEF was such a huge part of that plan. Rachel