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  • Extra! Impact


    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Summer 2015 edition of the Impact magazine is now available. The look has been updated and the articles are sure to get you excited about what God is doing through the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship. The pages of this free, full-color magazine were designed with the CEF family in mind.  

  • What Remains


    There is a lot to be said for longevity. We give service awards for those who have reached a certain number of years. Just this year Gus and Ruth Matero retired after 50 years of service as Child Evangelism Fellowship missionaries. Gus traveled in and out of Communist Russia before the Berlin Wall came down. In the years since then he’s traveled far into Russia by river boat to reach children who have never had the opportunity to hear about Christ. He and Ruth are wonderful faithful servants of God.

  • Christmas in March?


    Who has ever heard of celebrating Christmas in March? Some people celebrate Christmas in July but in March might seem odd! Well that’s exactly what the CMI Online team did as they filmed the promotional video for the Christmas Across America project taking place at the end of this year.

  • CMI Marks 70th Year with Significant Savings for Students

    Read more... This fall will mark 70 years since the first Children’s Ministries Institute.  Literally thousands of students have been trained and equipped to reach boys and girls, and the impact of that training is seen in the stunning increase in ministry just in the last 12 months.   God has blessed, and we have had the privilege of training over 342.000 students somewhere around the world during our last ministry year.   Each of these students is better equipped to share the Gospel, and God is using this army of children’s workers to change hearts and lives.  


  • Training


    TRAININGThe TRAINING of individuals multiplies our ministry and enables us to reach many more children with the Gospel than we otherwise could. For the past eight years we have trained over 250,000 TEACHERS annually. Training is vital if we are to see more children reached for His glory.

  • Equipping


    EQUIPPINGEQUIPPING our workers with quality literature is ESSENTIAL to effective outreach. Our regional directors confirm that one of the reasons we have been able o expand ministry each of the past ten years is because of the literature being provided FREE OF CHARGE to trained teachers. We are also distributing literature in the USA at NO COST to hundreds of thousands of children.