The Big Picture:

An In-Depth Look at CEF Around the World

At CEF, we’re introducing a brand-new way for you to get a big-picture view of our ministry while also seeing the personal impact on the life of an individual child. Through The Big Picture: An In-Depth Look at CEF Around the World, you’ll get the scoop on 25 countries in the world where children are being taught about Jesus through our ministry.

When you sign up, we’ll send you a high-quality downloadable map highlighting all the pertinent facts and statistics about each country and the work CEF is doing there. Each week, you’ll receive an email with an up-close and personal story of how lives are being changed in each country.

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CEF is Child Evangelism Fellowship

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international ministry focused on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with children around the world. Our vision is to reach “Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day.”

  • Every Child – because every child needs to know about God’s love
  • Every Nation – because there are no geographical limits to the need for the Gospel
  • Every Day – because children need to continue to grow in their knowledge through God’s Word

CEF’s Vision

The Big Picture takes you
around the world with CEF

Go on a world tour with Child Evangelism Fellowship! We have a ministry presence in nearly every nation on the globe. In The Big Picture, we’ll visit 25 select countries for a closer look at our work to take the Gospel to Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day.

How CEF shares the Gospel

Child Evangelism Fellowship works around the world through thousands of local missionaries and tens of thousands of local volunteers. Our primary ministry activities include training, equipping, and supporting these faithful people.


Local missionaries and volunteers use Good News Clubs, 5 Day Clubs, and other similar outreaches to share the Gospel with children. CEF trains these people, teaching them how to work with children and how to share the Good News and disciple children effectively.


The Bible comes alive for children when it is shared with visual aids and other written and interactive elements. CEF develops, publishes, and distributes teaching materials to missionaries and volunteers around the world.


Local CEF missionaries often want to serve full time, and many are from low-income parts of the world. To make it possible for these workers to have a more effective ministry, CEF supports many local missionaries, relieving financial burdens so they are free to share the Gospel.


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You can share the Gospel

There are so many ways you can join with CEF! From volunteering to prayer to financial support, discover all of the opportunities for you to be part of the CEF family.

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