What would you do if a postage stamp cost over half a day’s wages?  Mail very few letters, I imagine.  That’s exactly the situation that many inmates face as they decide whether to continue participation in the Truth Chasers Club (formerly the CEF Mailbox Club).  Although wages for in-prison jobs vary, it is not unusual for an inmate to make $0.70 per day. It takes budgeting to a whole new level.

The "What Went Wrong?" program gives inmates the opportunity to enroll themselves and their children in the Truth Chasers Club.  Through this club they will receive free Bible correspondence courses.  If we are to break the cycle of generational incarceration, it is important that the parents, as well as the children, get to know the Savior.  Return postage is paid on children's lessons.  However, as a cost cutting measure we discontinued business reply on adult lessons. Because of this, we saw a dramatic drop in the number of lessons returned by inmates.  Funds are needed to pay postage on adult lessons, as well as children's lessons, if we are to teach the transformational power of the Gospel to the most high-risk families, the families of the incarcerated.

Would you consider helping an inmate continue with his or her Bible study? See our donate page and designate your gift for "Save a Child From Prison."