A businessman who does not attend church takes time every Sunday to watch a television program with his children. It’s not just any TV show.

denmarkIt’s GPS, a 25-minute children’s program aired on eight different TV stations all over Denmark and on the Internet (www.opdagnyt.dk). The program includes Bible lessons, songs, Bible verses, puppets and prayers. The goal is to convey that the Bible is our spiritual GPS which guides us through life. Through God’s Word children can see how God guided those in the past and will guide them in their lives.

CEF is working with another Christian organization to make these programs possible. Many volunteers from different churches are helping out as well. CEF Denmark offers free additional helps and ideas on the Internet for each TV program. Teachers with limited time for preparation can use the helps along with the GPS program in their children’s ministry.

Sidebar: “I have just seen the first [GPS] program. It is extraordinarily good with a clear and creatively formed message. Thank you for your huge work for Denmark’s future!” --Liv

Please pray for us that we may have wisdom, creativity and resources for continued production.