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Love With Jesus’ Love

-Susan Lingo

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help kids realize that love can only begin when we invite Jesus into our hearts. Then we can share His special love with others.

Spread a sheet or towel on the floor. Hold up the balloon containing candy hearts and ask kids if they would like a heart to eat. Tell them there’s no way to get to the candy. Wait until someone suggests popping the balloon. Then have a volunteer use a pin to pop the balloon over the sheet or towel. Share the candy with the class. “What did you need to do to get to the sweetness inside the balloon?” (Get rid of the balloon that surrounded it.) The same thing is true when it comes to sharing God’s love. First, we need to remove the things that keep us from sharing God’s love with others. Can you name some things we do that keep us from loving others? (Selfishness, pride, fear, etc. Show poster board heart and read together.)

“When Jesus lives in your heart you can ask Him to help you love others. He will give you His love for them. He will help you not to be selfish or proud or afraid.”

Invite volunteers to read aloud 1 Corinthians 13:1-8, then ask:

  • Why do we have nothing if we have no love to share?
  • How can inviting Jesus into our lives help us love others?
  • What is Jesus’ love like?

Explain that Valentine’s Day is a great time to share love with other people and that today the class will make Valentine balloons to share. Place five or six candy hearts inside an uninflated balloon along with a carefully folded copy of 1 John 4:9-11. Inflate the balloon and tie a knot in the end. Cut and curl various lengths of ribbon and tie them to the knot on the balloon.

Have kids present the Valentine balloons to their families or seniors in your church as they remind others of Jesus’ love and theirs.

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