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Good News Club Stories

Little Things, Lasting Impact

Little Things, Lasting Impact Stories from CEF Little Things, Lasting Impact By Vickie Sargent-Kler  I get excited to hear the big Kingdom stories about how a Good News Club® leader has taken a troubled kid and turned them around, or has saved a child from an abusive relationship. But if your club... Read More


Fruitful Stories from CEF Fruitful Some may wonder if childhood decisions for Christ really “stick.” Lynne Herlein is one of those who we refer to as “grown-up fruit” of CEF® ministry. She began attending a Good News Club® at the age of four. Lynne said, “The first verse I... Read More

Jesus Changed My Insides

Jesus Changed My Insides Stories from CEF Jesus Changed My Insides By Hannah Davis, CEF of Maryland  “There he is!!” A voice echoed across the street from the row of townhouses as we carried our sleeping children into the cold sleeting rain. Stir-fry and fellowship at an amazing couple’s... Read More

The Word of God Lasts Forever

The Word of God Lasts Forever Stories from CEF The Word of God Lasts Forever  By Sandy Bunch    Some say nothing lasts forever. Although this might be true for most earthly things, when it comes to the Word of God and His love, nothing is further from the truth.  Child Evangelism... Read More

Teaching Children to Follow Christ

Teaching Children to Follow Christ Stories from CEF Teaching Children to Follow Christ  By Sandy Bunch    There is a meme on social media that says, “If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.” As a parent, my husband and I did our best to teach our children... Read More

Spotlight on Military Children

Spotlight on Military Children Stories from CEF Spotlight on Military Children   The number of military kids needing mental health care has more than doubled since 9/11. Every single day thousands of these precious boys and girls wonder if their mommy or daddy will be killed. Will they make it back... Read More