It Wasn’t Easy But…

It Wasn’t Easy But… Stories from CEF It Wasn’t Easy But… In December 2016, a team from CEF of Pennsylvania spent 11 days in Kenya teaching 5-Day Clubs and vacation Bible schools. Angela Ye and Anne Kelly, who have served as Christian Youth In Action® volunteers in Delaware County, were a... Read More

Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box Stories from CEF Think Outside the Box Faith Community Church is using a Good News Club® and new shoes to make a difference at a local school. The church sponsors several after-school Good News Clubs. At the beginning of each school year associate pastor Mark... Read More


GO! Stories from CEF GO! -Reese Kauffman Can you imagine what God could do through a group of united faithful followers who encircle the globe? God has blessed me as president of Child Evangelism Fellowship® to be able to meet with missionaries from all over the world.... Read More

A Lifetime of Service

A Lifetime of Service Stories from CEF A Lifetime of Service -Emily McGraw They met…and God provided John and Lois Cook were familiar with the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship® when they first met in college. They had each taught CEF® Bible lessons in public schools. Both felt called to... Read More

Not for the Prize

Not for the Prize Stories from CEF Not for the Prize Every week after Good News Club® Sarah* would carefully place the paper with her new memory verse in her backpack. She would carry it with her and take time to study and memorize it throughout the week. She’d even help the other... Read More

Not Swayed by Opposition

Not Swayed by Opposition Stories from CEF Not Swayed by Opposition Ruth entered the village and started gathering children for a Christmas Party Club. A local woman worked hard to disrupt the club and prevent Ruth from teaching. She pushed Ruth to leave the village and even chased the... Read More