Miracle in the Oklahoma Panhandle

Miracle in the Oklahoma Panhandle Stories from CEF Miracle in the Oklahoma Panhandle -Tina Busenitz There is a small town in the Oklahoma panhandle that has no church or church building, but only an elementary school and city hall. In the fall of 2011, a small group of believers and their Pastor from... Read More

CEF Takes Part in Massive Luis Palau Event

CEF Takes Part in Massive Luis Palau Event Stories from CEF CEF Takes Part in Massive Luis Palau Outreach Event Wherever you find 30,000 adults in attendance, you know there will also be children. CEF chapters in Michigan had the amazing opportunity of coming alongside the Luis Palau Association for CityFest... Read More

World Winning Children

World Winning Children Stories from CEF World Winning Children -Lydia Sukuhar As a young child I crouched in front of the television, shocked by the bitter images of tribal conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu people of Central Africa. Little did I realize that down the road of life, in a... Read More

Financial educator- Andres Panasiuk

Financial educator- Andres Panasiuk Stories from CEF Financial educator- Andres Panasiuk -Bonnie Bruce Would you like to tell people how to spend their money? That’s what Andres Panasiuk does. He teaches people wise ways to spend money. Using money wisely pleases God. Andres has wanted to please God... Read More

Released From Satan’s Lies

Released From Satan’s Lies Stories from CEF Released from Satan’s Lies By Nathan Middaugh “I need to talk to you now,” said Liam*. I could see the desperation in his tear-filled eyes. Liam and I sat down to visit. He shared fears about the spiritual battle that was going on in his mind. He was... Read More

Electrician – Benny McKinney

Electrician – Benny McKinney Stories from CEF Electrician – Benny McKinney -Bonnie Bruce Did you know that in cold weather you can make a spark by rubbing your shoe on the carpet and touching metal? Have you ever rubbed your hair against a balloon and watched it get frizzy and stand... Read More