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Donor Advised Fund


A donor advised fund is a simple, flexible, and tax-efficient  opportunity to have tremendous Kingdom impact.

You can create your own charitable giving account through which you can give to a single fund then request grants be made to one or multiple ministries that are close to your heart.

What are the benefits of using a donor advised fund?

Timing. Receive an immediate tax deduction at the time you make a gift into the fund. Then, at a time that works best for you, advise your fund administrator how you wish your gifts to be distributed.
Flexibility. Grants can be requested at any time. You may choose to give in one-time or recurring increments, or you may choose to designate your gift to meet specific organizational needs.
Simplicity. Simplify your giving and record-keeping by making all gifts of cash, stocks, or appreciated assets into a single account.
Privacy. You can choose to make any or all grants anonymously.

Nerus K. McEwen

CEF’s Director of Planned Giving

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