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From CEF of Heartland, Georgia, USA:

**Prepare “In Courage” letter packs to mail to Good News Club kids. Fill the pack with stickers, growth tract, personal note, include a list of power verses for them to look in their Bibles on fear, courage, living strong, praise, the love of God etc. (these items are just suggestions) Also, send an assignment of at least two challenge verses for them to memorize. –Give them something to look forward to…tell them when the virus is gone and the crowd ban is lifted, their whole family is invited to a fun Party Club event with games and free pizza at your church to celebrate the goodness of God. (The sheets sent in this letter and the items included is in addition to Quiet Time sheets and other growth downloadables being made available through links)

**I encouraged each pastor to take this opportunity to deepen relationships by writing a letter to the Good News Club families to encourage and let them know they are standing with them, and praying for them during this time of uncertainty. They also sent a link to the church prayer link for them to send prayer request.

**We were able to do a conference call with Club Coordinators to plan, brainstorm, and pray together. We are setting up Zoom meetings for more meet ups of encouragement, prayer, and working through this crisis disruption and continue reaching children.

**We are setting up an area on our website and sending out a link for the Good News Club children to write their prayer request…like a virtual God Can.

**Working on creating mini (15 min or less) teaching snippets to send out to volunteers to strengthen, develop, and stretch their creative muscles. 🙂

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