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The Wordless Book – Discover Its Rich Heritage

The Wordless Book, first designed with only three pages–black, red, and white–was introduced by Charles Spurgeon in 1866. Preaching at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, his sermon was entitled “The Wordless Book.”

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Get a free physical copy of The Wordless Book delivered to you Thank you for helping us reach every child, every nation, every day with The Wordless Book. We hope it’s been a helpful tool to share the Gospel with children you know!  In addition to the digital copy of...

The Wordless Book

The Wordless Book works as a powerful evangelism tool to share the Gospel with children – even with no words! Each page is colored to represent a different part of the Gospel message. From gold, dark, red, clean, and green, you can share the story of God’s love and redemption with children of all ages.