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To God Be The Glory Forever! | Today’s Hot Scripture

Mar 4, 2020 | Today's Hot Scripture, Videos

How great is God? Why should we worship Him? Find the answers in Today’s Hot Scripture.

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CMI is for People Changing their Career to Ministry

CMI is for People Changing their Career to Ministry

Do you feel God calling you to leave your job and become a full time missionary? Maybe you feel overwhelmed or unprepared for the task in front of you. Come to Children’s Ministries Institute where you can sharpen your skills and get the training you need.

Teaching Children to Follow Christ

Teaching Children to Follow Christ

As a parent, my husband and I did our best to teach our children right from wrong; to always seek God in what they do, and live their lives as a witness to Who it is that lives within them. Unfortunately, many children do not have this guidance at home.

Reach A Child, Make An Impact

We’ve been assigned a great work and we could do so much more if we had one more person – just one more – helping us reach Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day. That person is you!