Because It Works

“Teacher Kasandra” gave her life to Christ at 25 and has continued to serve God well. Even before she was saved, many children in her community gathered at her home. They were drawn to her tender heart and kindness. When God changed her life, she knew He wanted to use her to touch the lives of children.

Was Jesus Ever an Angel?

At Christmas we hear a lot about angels-the angel Gabriel told Mary she would be part of God’s plan to send His Son, Jesus, to be out Savior. A whole crowd of angels announced the good news to shepherds when Jesus was born.

Coming Full Circle

As Pastor Samuel Schleif spoke to the young men and women before him, a sense of nostalgia swept over him. Twelve years earlier he first sat in those same seats, listened to God’s Word and prepared for the task ahead of him as a summer missionary with Christian Youth in Action®.

God Can

One important element of a Good News Club® is prayer. We strongly encourage our children to go to God in prayer for everything that comes up in life. We teach them there is no request too big or too small for God to answer.

10 P’s that Make an Eternal Impact

“To teach a child is to touch a life forever.”
This line has appeared on everything from pencils to mugs to bumper stickers. Now you are a teacher wondering what kind of lasting mark you will make on the kids in your class. Here are ten ways you can positively impact your students for eternity.

Dramatic Change

God is so good. There has been a dramatic change in the behavior of the students since we started the club. The Word of God can change lives and some of the children were moved to ask forgiveness for their behavior.

Hold Back Nothing

Each day is made up of a series of actions. Behind the actions there are often words spoken. Behind the words are thoughts. Behind the thoughts are the basic motives. At that point we can identify the heart—the real you.