May I Help?

As we were packing up our puppets and other teach¬ing material at the conclusion of vacation Bible school a second-grader asked, “May I help?”

How to Support the Grieving Child

Children may face the death of a family member or friend while under your teaching. How do you handle this delicate topic? How can you affirm the goodness of God? There are three steps in explaining death to children.

Be Prepared to Teach Thinkers

Recently a three-year-old asked, “What if Jesus had not been born?” Ironically that was the same question my adult small group had pondered and discussed at length. Teachers who spend time with children knows that critical thinking is for all ages not just adults Educators tell us, “Young children can think critically long before thinking symbolically; that is formally or abstractly”.

Hope in the Midst of Sorrow

A fire in Oregon recently took the lives of four volunteers from a local Good News Club® (GNC™). The children in the club were friends and some were even family of those who had lost their lives.

How do we know the Bible is true?

The perfect and amazing design we see in the world around us is one huge way we know God’s Word is true. The Bible says God created the heavens and the earth. It’s true-our universe is so complex and wonderful only God could do it.

Faith Steps for Siblings in Conflict

A Sunday school teacher received this prayer request: “I share a room with my sister, Little Miss Innocent, who always gets me in trouble. Pray I don’t kill her!” Sibling rivalry is as old as Cain and Abel and abounds in every culture. How can we as teachers help children walk by faith at home?

War Can’t Stop God

In spite of bombing and collapsing buildings, volunteers in an undisclosed country went on with Good News Club® (GNC®) activities. They held a gathering for Muslim and Kurdish children in an underground hall. Many of these children accepted Christ.

Talking to Children about Bullying

When Janice walked into Bible class everyone stepped aside. If Janice was in a good mood and got her way class went well. If not she would push kids out of their chairs, tease them about their looks or call someone stupid. When the teacher asked Janice to step into the hall, she rolled her eyes and said no. Janice’s bullying hurt others but it also kept her from learning about the love of Jesus.

Children’s Ministry Helps Grow Church

Over 20 years ago Pastor Mattheson and his family went to the Antelope Valley in California to plant a church. Today there are more than 1,200 people who call Faith Community Church their home church. God grew this church to be what it is today with the help of Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®).