One Step at a Time

Life has many twists and turns. As she looks back, Juanita is amazed at the places she’s gone, things she’s done and people she’s met. She heard God’s call and followed Him one step at a time!

IMPACT Spring Edition 2017

This edition includes stories of CEF work in Armenia, Bahamas, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, and many more.

Today’s Hot Scripture

Take some time this morning to be encouraged by God’s word. Enjoy this short devotional from Reese Kauffman.

Good News Club Victory in Aloha State

KAPOLEI, HAWAII — In a victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in the Aloha State, its after-school Good News Club can now be held in Ewa Elementary, the largest elementary school in the Campbell-Kapolei Complex.

The Legacy of a Loving Teacher

Yvette views the children she works with as her very own and they know it. Yvette has worked with CEF of Ontario since 2008 and over the years she has seen amazing changes in the lives of her students and their families.