Big Picture

“Arise, cry out in the night,
at the beginning of the night watches!
Pour out your heart like water
before the presence of the Lord!
Lift your hands to him
for the lives of your children,
who faint for hunger
at the head of every street.”
Lamentations 2:19

50 Days of Prayer for Christmas Party Clubs

So children may know the true meaning of Christmas

We strive to reach 10 million children with the Gospel this year through Christmas Party Clubs. For this to be possible, we must train 200,000 volunteers by hosting 10,000 Christmas Party Club seminars. These volunteers will conduct 300,000 Christmas Party Clubs. Our vision is to see 3 million children receive Jesus as Savior. We pray that these Christmas Party Clubs will open the door to start 30,000 Good News Clubs.

Christmas Party Club is one of the Party Club ministries of Child Evangelism Fellowship® that presents the Gospel to churched and unchurched children. These one-time events are taught by Good News Club® leaders, Sunday school teachers, children’s ministry workers, and other believers who love children. Christmas Party Clubs include a Gospel-centered Bible lesson, games, a memory verse, songs, and more to teach children about the true story of Christmas! Party Clubs can be used as a one-time outreach program, a party for your Sunday school, and more.

Goals for the 50 Days of Prayer for Christmas Party Clubs


Volunteers Trained


Children Reached


Christmas Party Club Seminars


Children Receive Jesus as Savior


Christmas Party Clubs


Good News Clubs Started

Estimated Children Reached

Weekly Prayer Guide

We challenge you to fast for one meal a day. Spend this time in prayer for the Christmas Party Clubs.

Week 1 — November 2-8

Pray for the Vision of Christmas Party Clubs

  1. 10 million children will hear the true meaning of Christmas and receive Jesus as Savior.
  2. 200,000 volunteers will be trained and commit to conducting Christmas Party Clubs.
  3. God will open the best locations for Christmas Party Clubs.
  4. God will lead CEF national directors to develop the best Christmas Party Club training plan.
  5. CPC materials will arrive on time.
  6. Weather will be favorable for 10,000 Christmas Party Club seminars.
  7. Churches will get involved.

Week 2 — November 9-15

Pray for Christmas Party Club Training Staff

  1. They will have safety as they travel.
  2. They will cast the vision with passion and inspiration.
  3. God will protect staff from persecution or harm.
  4. They will have safe places to stay.
  5. God will protect those who carry Christian materials in areas closed to the Gospel.
  6. They will have good health.
  7. They will be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Week 3 — November 16-22

Pray for Christmas Party Club Volunteers

  1. Volunteers will catch the vision and passion for lost children in their communities.
  2. They will commit to conduct at least 3 Party Clubs.
  3. Volunteers will receive support from churches and other believers.
  4. They will have courage to conduct Party Clubs in unreached areas.
  5. Materials will arrive on time.
  6. The Holy Spirit will inspire volunteers to see the spiritual needs of children around them.
  7. They will conduct more Christmas Party Clubs than planned.

Week 4 — November 23-29

Pray for Christmas Party Club Preparation

  1. God will help and encourage our training teams.
  2. Volunteers will be well prepared to teach the true meaning of Christmas.
  3. Parents will allow their children to attend.
  4. Children’s hearts will be receptive to God’s Word.
  5. Churches’ vision for children will be ignited so they participate in Christmas Party Clubs.
  6. God will open doors to conduct Christmas Party Clubs in difficult areas.
  7. Weather will be favorable to carry out Christmas Party Clubs successfully.

Week 5 — November 30-December 6

Pray for the Children

  1. Children will attend Christmas Party Clubs and hear the Gospel.
  2. Children will be filled with peace and listen.
  3. Children will understand what it means that Jesus is Immanuel—God with us.
  4. Children will understand the Gospel and receive Jesus Christ as Savior.
  5. Children will attend church and Good News Club.
  6. Children will tell their friends about Jesus.
  7. Families of children who attend Christmas Party Clubs will also hear the Gospel and be saved.

Week 6 — December 7-13

Pray for the Children

  1. CEF staff will all become involved in Christmas Party Clubs.
  2. God will protect and bless places where Christmas Party Clubs are conducted.
  3. God will protect volunteers and workers from harm.
  4. God will provide for financial needs of volunteers who conduct Christmas Party Clubs.
  5. Those who have not yet conducted Christmas Party Clubs will be led to conduct clubs.
  6. God will give continued strength for those teaching multiple Christmas Party Clubs.
  7. The Gospel message will be clearly taught.

Week 7 — December 14-20

Pray for Results

  1. Christmas Party Club teachers will report to local directors with testimonies, photos, and statistics.
  2. 10% of Christmas Party Club locations (about 30,000) will become Good News Clubs and churches.
  3. Christmas Party Clubs will result in a great revival in churches and Sunday schools will grow.
  4. Volunteers will receive more CEF training in 2023.
  5. CEF workers will gain a bigger vision to reach more children next year.
  6. God will bless our workers, training teams, volunteers, and their families.
  7. All glory, praise, and power be to God!

December 21

Pray for Regional Goals

North America/Carribbean 400,000
Latin America 3,000,000
Europe 300,000
Middle East 3,650,000
West and Central Africa 250,000
East and Central Africa 600,000
Southern Africa/Indian Ocean 800,000
Asia Pacific 1,000,000