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Christmas Games | Sunday School Solutions

Dec 18, 2019 | Sunday School Solutions

by Aubrey Kyle

Christmas is right around the corner! The Sunday before Christmas is usually a time when many new faces can be seen at church, so it’s important to make sure these visitors feel welcome. Chances are there will likely be new children in your Sunday school class as well.

What can you do to help these kids participate and feel included?

A great way to get them relaxed and comfortable is to have an ice breaker game or activity to help all the children and teachers get to know each other better! Here are some Christmas activities you can use to involve all the children.

A great way to get them relaxed and comfortable is to have an ice breaker game or activity to help all the children and teachers get to know each other better!

“Christmas Ice Breaker”

In a Christmas bag, have cards that say things like “Find someone whose favorite color is blue,” “Say Merry Christmas to someone wearing red,” or “Find someone whose birthday is in the winter.” With the kids sitting, pull one of the cards out of the bag and read it to them. Explain that they need to get up, find someone the statement applies to, and sit with them until the next card is read. Repeat this until the ice has been broken or as time allows. This game will help the kids in your class feel more comfortable with both each other and with being at Sunday school in general.

“Unwrapping Challenge”

Another fun game you can play is an “Unwrapping Challenge.” For this game you’ll need a bell, a pair of adult gloves, a wrapped gift, and Christmas music. The gift should be wrapped in multiple boxes inside each other. To play, have the children form a large circle around the gift. Give the bell to a child and start the music. Pass the bell around the circle until the music stops. Whoever is holding the bell when the music stops, goes into the middle, puts on the gloves, and tries to unwrap the present. When the music comes back on, he takes off the gloves and goes back to his spot. Continue until they un-wrap the final box. Inside the final box should be a small prize for each of the children.

“Christmas Tree Stacking Relay”

Have the children work together as a team to “build” a Christmas tree! For this game, you’ll need one gold (or yellow) and fourteen green plastic cups per team. Divide the children into teams of five. Have each team line up on one side of the room and place the cups on the other side of the room. At a given signal, the first child in each line runs to his team’s cups, places the bottom row of five, then runs to the end of his line and sits down. The next child runs, adds the next row of four cups above the row of five, and returns to his line. Continue until the last child adds the yellow cup for the star on top. Depending on the age of the children, you can make the game harder by having the children use only one hand when placing the cups in their rows. For an even greater challenge, you could have the children build the tree upward using the cups to make a tower instead of just simply stacking the cups in rows on the floor.

The sky is the limit with Christmas games you can play with the kids in Sunday school. Get creative and have fun with the kids in your class this Christmas season!

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