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God’s Power in Creation | Sunday School Solutions

Jan 12, 2023 | Sunday School Solutions

by Aubrey Kyle

Did you know the sun is so large, it could hold one million Earths inside of it? And the sun isn’t even considered that big of a star! Many stars are big enough to fit the sun and all the planets in our solar system inside of them! Check out these other fun facts. Chameleons have such incredible eyes, they can sharply focus on an object as little as one inch away from them. Ants live on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Blue whales have a heart the size of a car! A lion’s roar is louder than a lawnmower. Dolphins have “names” for each other—they use distinctive whistles in the same way humans use each other’s names!  How cool is that?

Whether you knew these facts or not, did you know you can use them to help kids trust God and realize He is the Creator in control over all things? Creation points to God as the amazing and powerful Creator, and science actually shows us how incredible and amazing God and His design for creation is. You can use both creation and science to show children in your Sunday school class who God is and how He can be trusted!

Children today hear many things about the world and creation, and, more often than not, they are taught science in a way that intends to disprove God. But you can show children how the world around them actually points to God as the powerful Creator and wise Designer who made the world intricately with everything needed to support life.

There are countless ways you can use God’s creation to show the children you teach who He is. For younger children, you can go on a nature walk and have the children point to things they see God designed. He is the One who made it all! You could teach them about plants and how God makes them grow. A snack for the day could be different kinds of fruit to help show the kids God made everything we need to survive on Earth from the air we breathe to the food we eat. He is the Provider! You could give the children an empty egg carton to store small items (leaf, moss, pebble, acorn, etc.) they find on the nature walk. Once you’re back in the classroom, have the children share what they found to lead you into a creation teaching and discussion time.

A fun way to show children God’s creativity and care would be to have an animal day! Use the day to talk about different kinds of animals God designed. You can focus on a few animals during the class time and look in Genesis 1 to see what day they were created. You can even use fun facts like at the beginning of this article to teach kids about how amazing God’s creatures are! Emphasize how God gave each creature what it needs to survive and that He cares about His creation. Most importantly, though, emphasize how humans are the only creatures created in God’s image and they are different from animals because of that. You can show the children a passage like Luke 12:6-7 to explain not only how much God cares about the animals He has created, but how people are even more valuable to Him. Show each child how God cares about them individually, and because of His great care and love for them, He has provided a way for them to be forgiven of their sins. You can share the Gospel and how they can believe in Jesus to be saved. Not only should this class time help a child recognize how much God loves them, but also give them an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Another class idea is to have a day where you teach Psalm 139:14. You could go over verses 13-16 as well, depending on the ages and attention spans of the kids you teach. In addition to explaining the Scripture’s meaning and God’s care for them, you can share facts about how amazing the human body is! For example, in a flat landscape at night, the unaided eye can see even a small candle flame from over a mile and a half away. Other fun facts include that the human brain can process 50,000 times more data than the most powerful supercomputer, and the human heart beats around 100,000 times per day! The human body is so complex and amazing that it shows there is no way humans could have happened by chance or evolved. Instead, humanity shows how God carefully and intricately designed all people after His own image, no matter how “different” people may be from each other. Teach children that they should celebrate their differences, and praise God for making everyone unique, no matter what they look or talk like, what interests they have, what they’re good at, or what size they are. Every person has equal value and is made in God’s image!

There’s no way life and the world we know could have happened by chance.

There’s no way life and the world we know could have happened by chance. From the smallest organism to the largest galaxy, all of Creation is complex and obviously designed. Because of the order we see around us, along with the patterns and designs seen throughout creation, you can show children how there’s no way the world evolved from a chaotic explosion and billions of years of evolution. You can teach children about God by using the world around them, and that, instead of disproving God, science actually points to a wise and powerful Creator. There are many resources available to help you teach just that!

For lessons that teach kids about God and His incredible power as seen throughout the universe, check out CEF Press®! Here, you can find lessons that use creation, like God: The Creator King, to show God’s power. For a special lesson about dinosaurs, check out the Dinosaur Tracks! Party Club kit to teach children they can trust the Bible because God knows EVERYTHING! In Blast Off! The Story of Johannes Kepler, you can have a fun, space-themed Party Club to show children God’s power and wisdom as seen throughout all His creation.

As you prepare to teach the kid’s in your children’s church, ask God to open the hearts of the children you teach—that they may trust God is the Creator who is in control of everything and that they can trust in His care and ability to save them from sin. Visit Answers in Genesis for even more resources that teach children how creation shows the power, wisdom, and sovereignty of God. Continue watching Sunday School Solutions and reading our blog for even more helps, tips, and ideas for teaching children!

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