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Working with other teachers

Aug 2, 2019 | Sunday School Solutions

By Brianna Frook

Can you imagine it? It’s Saturday night, and a Sunday school teacher is making final adjustments to the lesson. But then she remembers who she will be teaching with. She thinks, Do I have to teach with that person again?!

Have you ever been that Sunday school teacher? Have you thought that about someone with whom you teach?

Working with a group of people, or even just one other person can be hard. Everyone has a different teaching style. Everyone has a different personality. Everyone has different opinions on how things should be taught or organized. All these things can cause challenges. But as teachers, it is so important to overcome those challenges, work as a team, and encourage each other. If we seek to make our lessons stick and build good character in the children, we need to be the example to the kids. Here are some things to think about as you teach with other people.

Be Ready Personally

Be ready to do your part. If you’re not prepared yourself, you can’t get upset when someone else isn’t. You need to be prepared to teach and cover all your responsibilities. Put in the time so you can teach with confidence. This will allow you to be more helpful to the other teachers and the students.

Have Clear Communication

A key to teamwork is clear communication. Make charts and schedules, so everyone knows who is teaching what throughout the year. Have team meetings before and after class so everyone can be on the same page. These simple things can help reduce frustrations. Going to dinner together or going to see a movie together can help you grow as a team and as brothers and sisters in Christ. Be intentional about spending time together in fellowship.

A key to teamwork is clear communication. Make charts and schedules, so everyone knows who is teaching what throughout the year.

Remember, You Are All Made Differently

God made each of us unique, and that is a good thing. We each have different strengths and weaknesses that we can use to come alongside and encourage each other. God has put your teaching team together for a reason. You may not understand it. But He knows each one’s strengths and weaknesses, and He knows how they can work together. Ask God to help you see your weaknesses and how your fellow teachers can come alongside with their strengths. Also, ask Him to help you use your strengths to help the others in their weaknesses.

Pray For Your Teaching Partners

Quite possibly, the most important thing you can to do is pray daily for each teacher. Maybe right now you’re thinking of another teacher who just rubs you the wrong way. Pray for that person and also for yourself. Ask God to change your heart and how you see that person. God has the power to change hearts and, even if we are very different, God can help you see others how He sees them.

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