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Fun Ways to Learn What God is Like

May 30, 2022 | Teach Kids Articles

By Jenna Townson 

What do you think when you hear the name, John? It’s a popular name, so you may think of someone famous or maybe a friend or someone in your family. Names are important and powerful because they remind us of the people in our lives, what they’re like, and how they’ve influenced us.  

What do you think when you hear the name “God.” What comes to mind then? When I hear God’s name, I’m reminded of how He is the Creator, that He is always with me, and that He is in control. What about the kids in your life? What do they think about when they hear God’s name? What attributes of God do they know? Let’s consider four fun ways you can help kids learn more about what God is like. 

The first way is by playing a game! While you’re driving kids to school or to an activity, you can play a game of “I Spy: Creation Edition”! It’s like the car game “I Spy” but with a focus on God’s attribute as the Creator! Start out the game by saying something like, “I see something God made that’s fluffy.” Have the kids guess and give additional clues and hints until they spy it too!  

After they spy it, you can say something simple like, “Wasn’t God so creative when he made snowflakes to have their own special design?” or “Orange is my favorite color God made.” Adding comments like these can help kids remember to see God the Creator in their daily lives. 

A second fun way to help kids learn more about God is by making an Attribute Tracker. Create a chart on a computer or decorate a poster with the kids. Make bars for different attributes of God, such as holy, faithful, just, and merciful. Challenge the kids to write down in the bars where they find these attributes in the Bible as they do their Bible reading or devotions. You can set a goal for how many attributes the kids can find in a certain timeframe. Make the goal personal to the kids’ schedule and their reading level. You can get involved by doing your own chart. Hang your charts in an open area in your home.  

Periodically, look over the trackers to see all the different attributes of God the kids’ found and talk with them about what they learned. Ask them how God’s character applies to their life. Then, lead them in a prayer thanking God for who He is. 

A third way to have fun learning more about God is by singing songs that teach truths about God. Kids enjoy singing and things put to music are much easier to remember. Take time to talk about the songs you sing and explain any concepts they may not understand. You can even come up with some fun actions to do with the song.  

U-Nite TV® has lots of fun songs and music videos available for you to listen to and watch with kids. Some of my favorite songs that teach God’s character are “Jesus Is Caring for You,” the verse song for Psalm 86:15, “Merciful Gracious,” and “His Name Is Jesus.” You can find these song videos at (free online platform for children). 

The fourth fun way to learn more about God is by watching fun videos that highlight God’s character. Kids have many entertainment options vying for their attention. Some content is not helpful for kids and can even be dangerous. U-Nite TV  is a safe platform where kids can watch fun videos that teach about God. You can use these videos at home or in your Sunday school class and make a mini-movie day out of it with some blankets and snacks. U-Nite TV offers several seasons of Good News Club TVTM videos that bring to life awesome Bible stories and teach kids about God. 

We know God has a sense of fun and humor so we want learning about Him to not only have gravitas, but delight.

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