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How did God Make the Earth?

-Wally Grant

Most kids learn in school that the earth changed little by little, bit by bit-in a process called evolution. Some teachers say a “Big Bang” happened and this world was the result. But as Christians we believe God created the heavens and the earth by His mighty power (Gen. 1:1). The Bible says He created all things “by the Word of God” (Heb. 11:3). God spoke the Word and all things came into being day by day until six days of creation were complete. Then He rested from all His work (Gen. 1-2). Maybe you’re wondering how God made Earth look the way it does-the only planet with blue sky and green grass.

God made our sky blue by putting oxygen in the atmosphere around the earth. He did it because He decided people, His most special creation, should breathe oxygen. As the sun shines on oxygen particles (molecules) in our atmosphere, the molecules absorb all the color of the sun’s rays and reflect the color blue back to us. The sun is also just the perfect distance from the earth to provide energy for plants to grow. Did you know plants give off oxygen we need to breathe? Our wise Creator had a plan for everything He made! How did God know oxygen could make a blue sky? How did He know how far to place the sun from Earth? God is all-powerful!-He in-vented every rule of nature! He told every star, planet, element, chemical and living thing how to behave-and they obeyed!

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