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Tough Questions From Kids

Why can’t I hear God speaking to me?

-Wallace Grant

Sometimes people are disappointed that they don’t hear God speak in a booming voice, or in a mysterious dream or through miracles. But God speaks to us today through His Word, the Bible (John 1:1, Heb. 1:1-2).

If you are a child of God you’ve already heard God speaking to you. Maybe you heard a Bible verse about sin, like Romans 3:23. Then maybe someone shared John 3:16 and you found out God made a way to forgive you. Whether you read the verses yourself or someone else read them to you, God was the one speaking to your hear. You responded to His voice from the Bible by receiving Jesus as your Savior.

Think about it this way. You’ve never heard my voice out loud. But I can still answer your question by writing words on this page. God’s voice is like that. You can pray to Him and He’ll talk back to you but not out loud. Instead, He asked godly men long ago to write down His thoughts recorded in the Bible. If you study it, listen to it, memorize it and think about, you’ll discover God has a lot to say. He’ll show you what’s right and wrong. He’ll encourage and comfort you with His promises. He’ll guide you when you’re confused. He’ll help you say no to sin and teach you about His ways. In fact, the more you know the Bible, the more you know God’s voice!

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