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Can You Apply Scripture to Children’s Chore Charts

-Tina Busenitz

My granddaughters get so excited when I ask them to help me bake something for dessert. They trip over each other to get the eggs and milk out of the refrigerator, find measuring cups, get the sugar and flour out of the cupboard and pour ingredients into the mixing bowl. As they help, they chatter away as if we are doing the most fun thing ever.

Will they always consider helping in the house fun and exciting? How can we encourage children to have joy even when doing chores?

As you teach the children God has brought into your life – whether in Sunday school, AWANA, another ministry or those in your own family – it is important to give practical teaching from God’s Word. Children need to know how they can live daily to please the Lord, and one way is helping in the home.

A passage that correlates well with this topic is Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward…” (ESV)

These are great verses to memorize with your children, but memorizing is not an end in itself. It is so important to apply every passage in practical ways a child can relate to.

Let’s look at how we can apply this passage for children.

First, a reminder that these verses were written to believers. Don’t forget that until a child has trusted in Jesus as Savior, he can’t live a life that pleases the Lord. Always take the opportunity to share the Gospel with the children in your ministry inviting each one to personally believe in Jesus. Once a child believes in Jesus to forgive him of his sins, then he has the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit living within him to give him the power to live a life honoring God.

For saved children, help them see how this Scripture relates to daily life.

One area it relates to is helping around the house or doing chores.

Instruct the child that when he is asked to do something like take out the trash or clean up his toys, it is an opportunity to do something for the Lord. Whatever he does, whatever he is asked to do to help, can be a chance to please God. In serving others, the child is serving Jesus.

The phrase “do it heartily” emphasizes the attitude that a child should have in work. This gives the thought of doing chores (or anything for that matter) with a good attitude. Slamming toys around or stomping feet when asked to go to bed is not acting “heartily.”

Having a good attitude in chores means that obedience is immediate.

Someone has said, “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” Train the children that in doing all things to the Lord, it means doing them when asked, not being slow or putting off obedience.

Having a good attitude in chores means that work is done with excellence.

To do a sloppy job or half a job is not doing it heartily.

There is a promise in these verses that children can be encouraged by: “knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.” Reassure children that God rewards those who serve Him when they have a good attitude. It isn’t always fun to be responsible, but God does notice and is pleased. The child can trust that God cares and that work done to honor Him will bring a reward – here on Earth as he develops a reputation for being a good worker and in Heaven someday.

Most important to remember is that when we teach and train children if we do not live by what we teach they will notice. Our actions will undo our words. You and I must be people who serve the Lord heartily, even in the daily tasks before us at home, work and wherever we go.

As a child sees Colossians 3:23-24 modeled before him by teachers and family members, he will understand how he, too, can work heartily for the Lord.

And, perhaps in time, even daily chores will seem as fun as baking with grandma.

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