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Bringing Hope to Haiti

God is our hope in times of adversity. He is the true source of love, truth, peace, and all that is good. We pray that God will redeem the current situation in Haiti by bringing many children and their families to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We wanted to provide the CEF family with updates on the situation with our workers in Haiti, how they can pray, and how they can help. We have included that information here and thank you for joining us in prayer for our workers and the children of Haiti.

What We are Doing


Print and distribute 50,000 booklets in Creole and French


Distributing 5,000 bags which include:

  • Gospel of John
  • Do you Wonder Why?
  • Gospel of John Coloring Book
  • Links to access French versions of U-Nite and Wondersurf
  • Crayons
  • Personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb)
  • A chocolate treat and a small game

Latest Updates from our National Director of Haiti Jacky Gilles

How is the violence in Haiti affecting our workers and their ministry?
Currently four of our workers are obligated to leave their houses because of gang violence uprising into their areas. It’s a serious situation that impacted sadly our ministry. We were obligated to cancel at least three training courses. Two Teaching Children Effectively 1 (TCE1) and one course for CYIA.

What is the biggest need of the children in Haiti?
Currently children in Haiti are facing many challenges. In many areas in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti, for almost one month children couldn’t go to school. A lot of children are in need of physical and spiritual food. We strongly believe we must stand with them, in order to bring the good news of Jesus Christ, which is the only hope for this generation.

We believe, in each dark situation, God always use His servants to show up and bring hope. We want to take advantage of this situation to mobilize church leaders and other stakeholders to invest into the life of this generation and the next. It’s an opportunity to use this nightmare to shift our perspective, in order to equip parents, children, and ministry leaders to reach the next generation for Christ.

Photos from Haiti

Children in Haiti sitting and enjoying their time at a Good News Club

Jacky with other workers and children who attended a Christmas Party Club

One of our CEF workers teaching the Because God Loves you Lesson at an Easter Party Club

How Can I Help?


Pray for safety and protection of all CEF Haiti workers, board members, volunteers and their families.

Pray that the Lord will raise up leaders of integrity, full of wisdom to lead our nation, with the purpose to bring light, peace and good condition for people to live.

Pray for a divine intervention, in order to restore peace to Haiti.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the heart of the children who will receive the Bringing Hope to Haiti Gospel Bags


Would you please consider giving to help with the printing of these materials and the support of our 19 national missionaries working in Haiti? Together, let’s show the children of Haiti the love of Christ. On their darkest day, these children can be shown the light of the Gospel!


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