Big Picture

Reports to the Director, to oversee and manage Good News Clubs, Marketing, and social media.


  • Collaborate with the director as needed on decisions and preferences.
  • Promote Chapter agenda among staff and workers (develop teamwork)
  • Resolve conflict when necessary.
  • Practice leadership among co-workers
  • Keep the director fully informed.
  • Help seek some financial support for the ministry.

Character Qualities

  • Regularly studies the Bible and has a prayer life.
  • A life that reflects the Word as the final authority.
  • Life demonstrates an active dependence on the Spirit.
  • Generous with time, talents, and resources.
  • A team player
  • Self-motivated and organized.
  • Actively participates in a local church.

Club Coordinator—Good News Clubs and Community Centers

  • Work with churches and pastors to recruit volunteers and to adopt schools/community centers.
  • Work with schools and principals to open doors for Clubs.
  • Build necessary relationships with:
    1. Department of Education
    2. Summer ministry missionaries
    3. Volunteers
    4. CEF leadership
    5. Church, school, and ministry partners
  • Promote the Good News Club Program among other ministries and community leaders.
    1. For support
    2. For teachers, coordinators, and volunteers
    3. For networking
    4. For information
  • Teach in a Good News Club weekly.
  • Evaluate applications, perform interviews, and approve Good News Club workers.
  • Plan and participate in the training of Good News Club workers, continually encouraging them including TCE 1 & TCE 2.

 Promote Prayer and Discipleship

  • Develop prayer chains, groups, and partners.
  • Get prayer requests monthly from workers.
  • Share the prayer request list with staff. Pray with volunteers often.
  • Notify and seek the involvement of churches and individuals in the World Day of Prayer.
  • Share victories and answered prayers with others regularly.
  • Help with the presentation, set up, and clean up for Chapter events.

 Assist CYIA Coordinator with CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) and 5-Day Clubs

  • Plan and teach classes as requested.
  • Help with practicums for summer missionaries.
  • Schedule 5-Day Club teams as needed.
  • Look for additional opportunities to present the Gospel to children.
  • Assist with recruiting summer missionaries and others for summer 5-Day Clubs.
  • Build mentoring relationships with summer missionaries.

Marketing/social media

  • Develop newsletter 4/year.
  • Develop Volunteer Newsletter 4/year.
  • Social Media posts monthly or when needed.
  • Develop flyers/signage/banners and other items as needed.
  • Film and edit GNC and party clubs as necessary.
  • Develop a Giving Tuesday campaign with the director.

 Facilities duties:

  • Assist with keeping the office organized, sanitary, clean, and functional.
  • Other duties as assigned.

As a religious organization, CEF is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.