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News from Child Evangelism Fellowship

100,000 Children in the USA to Learn the True Meaning of Christmas

Child Evangelism Fellowship® will kick off their second annual Christmas Across America sm program this month with the goal of helping 100,000 children learn about and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The program works by providing exceptional kits and helpful training to families, churches or other groups who will host a 90-minute party club to reach unchurched children.

“In our post-Christian culture, the beloved story of the Baby of Bethlehem, the angels, shepherds and wise men is one many children simply have never heard,” said Ron Tant.  “That is what we are out to change.”

Last year CEF held 2,559 Christmas Party Clubs all over the nation in homes, churches, hospitals, refugee camps, restaurants, libraries, daycares and even a carwash. Each evangelistic outreach included a Bible lesson, songs, snacks and games.

Altogether, 60,492 children attended CAA parties, each hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel. Of that number, 6,017 trusted Christ as Savior. Adults were also impacted. Over 4,000 parents and grandparents stayed for the parties, and 207 of them put their faith in Christ. Many of these party clubs are followed up with weekly Good News Clubs in public elementary schools all over the USA. Christmas Across America provides an effective opportunity for churches to connect with and follow up on families in their communities, and pastors noted that hosting a party is made simple by CEF providing the needed free materials. “It was truly a blessing to have a tool to reach so many at the same time. None of the children who came knew that Christmas has anything to do with Jesus. Thank you for making the Christmas Across America kit available and allowing our disciples to make more disciples,” said one pastor. The kits, available in English and Spanish, provide a Bible lesson with large, beautiful flashcards, visualized songs, a music CD, DVDs with training sessions and demonstrations, and promotional items. Kits also includes The Story of Jesus for Children DVDs and 30-page colorful booklets for the children. The kits are valued at $125, but are free to those who commit to hosting a party, being trained and completing background checks. For more information about Christmas Across America program, go to