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FREE Child Evangelism Training Including American Sign Language (ASL) Translation Now Available Online

Not long ago, a young lady who is deaf sent an email to Child Evangelism Fellowship® requesting that training in child evangelism be offered in ASL. She said she was willing to travel anywhere in the world to receive this training. Her desire was to learn how to share the Gospel with children so she would be able to share Christ with children who attend a school for the deaf. Her plea was heard! Videos with ASL translation along with written scripts for each session are now part of the FREE Romans Road for Children course offered on CMI Online. There’s no need to travel a long distance for this training.

The “Romans Road for Children” course designed for BOTH hearing and non-hearing students will be offered three times per year. Each of the six class sessions includes videos in ASL. For guaranteed clarity, a written script accompanies each video. This course is open to anyone with a heart for reaching children with the Gospel.

The next three-week course will be offered October 20-November 9, 2019. Registration is open now through October 11, 2019. For registration information and more details, visit CMI Online.

Since 1937, the worldwide ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship has provided practical training in effective children’s ministry. The Children’s Ministries Institute® located at CEF International Headquarters in Warrenton Missouri offers a 12-week diploma program that can be completed all at once or in one or two-week modules.

Five of the on-campus CMI® courses are also available on CMI Online. People may enroll in online courses twice per year (Spring and Fall Terms). The enrollment process begins by applying and being accepted as a Children’s Ministries Institute student. 

Before beginning the CMI journey, people might like to experience a course that has a shorter time commitment and no cost. The Romans Road for Children course is a good choice. This FREE, three-week course helps one understand the importance of leading children to Christ and equips a person with an effective method for sharing the message with children of this generation.

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