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Refugee Crisis Presents Opportunities to Share Jesus

According to the United Nations, by the end of 2016 there will be around 4.7 million refugees from Syria and another 13.5 million displaced from their homes within the country. This dispersion of people provides many opportunities to share Jesus with people who may have never had a chance to hear of Him. One young lady named Amena* moves around immigrant camps using CEF materials in her ministry. She has met children who have lost their fathers in war and other children among them who have also lost their mothers. A common occurrence among these children is a fear of any sounds resembling bombs and other explosions. One boy who had struggled to sleep easily heard the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm. This precious boy found that Christ has the power to give him peace. So he placed his trust in Jesus Christ. The next time the children met, the boy testified that he had been able to sleep easily and peacefully and he no longer has nightmares. The boy encouraged other children he knows to believe on Jesus Christ who can “kick their fear out.” Immigrant Syrian believers have taken CEF training and are reaching their own people with the Gospel in Sweden, Germany, Austria and America. Among them is Souzan who started a Good News Club with 20 Syrian children attending in New Jersey. Zeinah, in Germany, hasn’t settled in a city yet but visits other immigrants and tells them the story of The Wordless Book with a copy she keeps with her. She declares that the stubbornness toward hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ which once filled the hearts of the people before war has almost disappeared. In Northern Sweden Tarek and Aseel are using their talents in drama to teach children. Having taken Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 they are able to apply biblical teaching in role plays and deliver the message of salvation to children. They have gained a good reputation among churches in Sweden, where they have been able to organize programs for Syrian immigrants. Victor is ministering among Syrian children in refugee camps, using what he has learned in CEF training. Children and parents are coming to Jesus. Among the children there was a child who impressed Victor as he prayed powerfully of his stress and need for someone who can take away his burden. The boy found that in Jesus. Another child, age 11, wished that his father would have accepted Jesus before dying in war and asked whether someone can go and tell him about Jesus in the tomb (according to traditions). The minister replied honestly that this couldn’t happen, but that he could tell his mother, his elder sister, his relatives and friends. He returned the following week with three boys who wanted to know more about Jesus. The refugee crisis is a crisis indeed—but it is also an open door to tell others of Jesus. *All names have been changed to protect the individuals.