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Shy Child

-Deanna Adefope

Does the shy child have something to say?

Last year a kindergartner joined our Good News Club®. He was well behaved but very quiet—he hardly said or did anything.

One day I taught John 3:17.

“For God did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.”

I read the first part and told the children that God did not come to condemn the world. A little boy raised his hand and asked, “Miss Deanna, why did He come then?”

I replied, “That’s a great question! Can anybody help me answer that question?”

The quiet little kindergartner raised his hand, beaming with excitement. Overcome with curiosity, I wanted to hear what he would say. So I called on him, “Andrew, what’s the answer to that question?”

He said with a great confidence, “He came to save us!”

I was blown away! “That’s exactly right! That’s what the second part of the verse says! We’re going to talk about that next,” I responded.

His face lit up. Even this shy boy knew why Jesus had come and he could say with confidence and joy, “He came to save us!”

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