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Review Matters—Make it Fun!

So how do you review effectively with hyper kids who likely consumed bowls of sugary marshmallow infused cereal for breakfast? (If your answer included written essays or standardized testing, I’m curious to hear how that’s working out for you.) My favorite method of reviewing with children is review games!

Teaching Kids to Pray

From the mundane to the serious, children have many needs to bring to God. But they may think their problem is too small for Him to care about or worry they won’t say the words just right. Or perhaps they’ve never even realized that they can have a conversation with God that goes beyond the rote “Now I lay me down to sleep.” You can use the acronym PRAY to teach the kids in your class how to talk to God.

No Matter The Cost

How does a child get courage to do the right thing, even in the threat of danger?

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A Day In The Life Of CEF!

Child Evangelism Fellowship has daily ministry in nearly every country in the world. What does a typical day of CEF ministry look like?

Song Videos

I Believe – Song Video

Check out this new song video! You can purchase this song as a digital download from our online store.

Just Turn Around

Check out this new 360 degree song video! This song is featured in our new Turned Around 5-Day Club Kit.

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