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3 Tips for Maintaining Attention

Maintaining the attention and focus of children can be a big challenge. We all as teachers want to make an impact and help change lives by teaching the truth, explaining concepts, and sharing life lessons to the next generation. But how can we impact their lives if they’re not paying attention?

Teacher, Could You Use Some Prayer?

Every Sunday school class faces a variety of struggles. Children’s behavior isn’t the only challenging issue—attendance, low staff, and curriculum decisions are just a few of the many struggles that you can’t solve without prayer.

No Matter The Cost

How does a child get courage to do the right thing, even in the threat of danger?

Promotion Videos

Ministry Statistics 2018

Watch this video to find out the number of children impacted in 2018 by the largest children’s ministry in the world – Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Clinic or Fence?

We are some of the few people that quietly labor to build the fence when there’s lots of people building the clinic.

Hope For A Russian Boy

God brings hope to what seems like a hopeless situation through a CEF missionary and a life is transformed forever.

Song Videos

I Believe – Song Video

Check out this new song video! You can purchase this song as a digital download from our online store.

Just Turn Around

Check out this new 360 degree song video! This song is featured in our new Turned Around 5-Day Club Kit.

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