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Helping Kids in Crisis

In today’s world children face many crises. Some crises are personal while others are more general in nature. God wants to use you as a teacher to help those under your care, giving them godly counsel during times of crisis.

Getting Kids to Talk

Relationships are everything in kids’ ministry. Yet, if you were to walk into a Sunday school classroom, you most likely would see one teacher taking the lead, while all the others stand or sit in the background watching. Kids need you to engage them throughout the entire class session.

The Strong-Willed Child

My son is three years old. He is hilarious, busy, and has energy to fuel at least three other kids (or at least it seems that way)! He already has a very strong personality. He loves people, but he also loves the idea of being in charge.

No Matter The Cost

How does a child get courage to do the right thing, even in the threat of danger?

Promotion Videos

Supporting: Continuing the Ministry

Why should I support CEF? Can’t CEF missionaries raise their own support? If these are questions that you have asked before find the answers in this video.

Training: Multiply the Ministry

Why is training important? Do you really need to learn how to present the Gospel? Watch this video to learn the answers to these questions.

Song Videos

I Believe – Song Video

Check out this new song video! You can purchase this song as a digital download from our online store.

Just Turn Around

Check out this new 360 degree song video! This song is featured in our new Turned Around 5-Day Club Kit.

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