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Counseling Children for Salvation

Leading a child to Jesus can be both exciting — and frightening. What if you say the wrong thing? What if she asks a question that you don’t know the answer to? How do you know if the child is sincere?

Emojis As a Teaching Tool? Yes!

Kid’s ministry has changed so much over the last ten years! For example, I did not own a cell phone until I was 19. Now kids get them at younger and younger ages and because of this texting and social media are becoming more and more relevant to even young children.

No Matter The Cost

How does a child get courage to do the right thing, even in the threat of danger?

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CEF’s Top Five Videos of 2018

Out of the 39 videos we uploaded in 2018 these five videos had the highest views. Watch this video as we count down to CEF’s most watched video of 2018!

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I Believe – Song Video

Check out this new song video! You can purchase this song as a digital download from our online store.

Just Turn Around

Check out this new 360 degree song video! This song is featured in our new Turned Around 5-Day Club Kit.

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