Big Picture

The Clean Page: Forgiveness of Sin

Key Points

Because of what Jesus did, your sin can be forgiven and you will be clean inside. (Show the clean page.)

Read Acts 16:31a “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” (Help the child see what his part is and what has God promised to do: “ If you really believe that Jesus took the punishment for your sin when He died on the cross, God promises you will be saved. Your sins will be forgiven. You will have a friendship with Him that starts right now. Someday you will live with Him in His perfect home in Heaven.” )

(Ask the child) Do you believe Jesus died for you? (If yes, continue on. If no you should not push. Let the Holy Spirit continue to work in the child’s life.) Have you ever talked to God about what you believe? (You are trying to find out if the child is already saved. If they say yes, you might ask them to tell you about what happened, encourage them, and move on to the green page. If they say no, continue with the following: )

You can talk to God about it right now. Talking to God is called praying. You can start with “Dear God . . .” (With a younger child you may want to tell them one thing to talk to God about at a time and let them do that. Older children may be able to follow all the points below, or maybe two at a time. Tell the child that if they pray out loud you will be able to help if they get stuck. )

  • Tell God about your sin and that you are sorry.
  • Tell Him what you believe Jesus did for you.
  • Thank God for loving and saving you.
  • Ask Him to help you live His way.

(Tell the child the prayer can be ended with “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” It’s because Jesus died so their sin can be forgiven that they have the right to talk to God.)

(Read Acts 16:31 again) If you believed, God promises you are saved. God always keeps His promises.

God promises to always be with you and help you. (Hebrews 13:5-6. You may want to provide examples of places God will be with them such as at home, at school, etc. He’s always there with you. You could also give ways He will help, emphasizing His help to say no to temptation.)