Big Picture

The Dark Page: Sin

Key Points

Are you perfect like God and His home in Heaven? Do you do everything right all the time? That’s what this dark page of our book talks about.

Sin is thinking, saying or doing things God says are wrong. (You could point to your head, mouth and hands as you share the definition to help illustrate this. Give some examples in each area, and let the child give examples too. The Bible talks about the darkness of sin. That’s why this is the dark page.)

Romans 3:23— “For all have sinned” (Read from the Bible and help the child realize that all is everyone, including him or her.)

Can you think of times you have sinned? (The child needs to realize he is a sinner before he can understand the need for Jesus to save Him.)

Sin keeps you away from God forever. (Help the child understand that because God is perfect, He has to punish sin. It may be beneficial to relate this to being punished for something he/she does wrong at home or at school. If the child is not ready to admit sin, it is better to stop at this point, pray that God will show them their sin and share the rest of the Gospel at another time.)