Big Picture

Leading a Child to Christ Using the Wordless Book

Do you want to be able to share the Gospel with a child in a simple way, giving each one an opportunity to come to Christ? Then let’s get started! We’ll use a simple tool called The Wordless Book. Remember to pray and ask for God ‘s guidance as you share, and for the Holy Spirit to work in the child’s heart.


Key Points

Show child the Wordless Book and ask what is different about it (no words or pictures)

(Note: Interacting with the child as much as possible will keep him or her involved and interested. Ask questions and let the child make comments.)

The colors tell the best news in the world, and it’s absolutely true! Would you like to hear it?

The Gold Page: God

Key Points

This gold page reminds me of God and His home in Heaven. God’s Word tells us that in Heaven there’s a street made completely out of gold! Do you know anything about God?

God made the world and everything in it. (Give examples and let the child give some.) God made you and loves you!

God made people. He made you and loves you very much–John 3:16a—“For God so loved the world” (Reach each verse from the Bible if possible. God loves everything He made, especially people—God loves you! It isn’t necessary to read and explain whole verses at this point as the concepts will come up later in the Wordless Book.)

God is holy (100% perfect) He always does what is right. His home in Heaven is perfect too. (You may want to explain a little more about Heaven. Bad things never happen there; no one is sick or sad; Jesus, God’s Son is there.)