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  • As Usual

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    As usual, November weather had become much cooler. Most of the leaves were down and only a few birds remained. As usual, the windows had become sparkling shiny mixtures of colorful decorations. As usual the TV and radio were full of “must have” toys and other gifts to offer friends.

  • Why We Do What We Do

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    Eight year old Emily came home from school and told her mom that her friend asked her what she did over the weekend. Emily said “I went to church”. Her friend said, “what’s church?” Emily replied “it’s where we go to learn about God”. The friend said “who’s God”?

  • Get Involved and Pray!

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    Prayer, prayer and more prayer. In the last couple of days God keeps bringing to my mind the need for more prayer. I spoke with a committee member who tells me that her city is experiencing revival as a result of much prayer and as a result of revival, after-school Good News Clubs are exploding and so is prayer.

  • Lead by Example

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    Have you ever heard the name Roger Bannister? He was the first sub-four- minute-mile runner. Which means he was the first man to run a mile within four minutes.


  • Training

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    TRAININGThe TRAINING of individuals multiplies our ministry and enables us to reach many more children with the Gospel than we otherwise could. For the past eight years we have trained over 250,000 TEACHERS annually. Training is vital if we are to see more children reached for His glory.

  • Equipping

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    EQUIPPINGEQUIPPING our workers with quality literature is ESSENTIAL to effective outreach. Our overseas regional directors confirm that one of the reasons we have been able to expand ministry each of the past ten years is because of the literature being provided FREE OF CHARGE to trained teachers. We are also distributing literature in the USA at NO COST to hundreds of thousands of children.