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  • Multiplied for Mauritius

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    Hawk Nelson in his song, “Words,” says “Words can build us up, Words can break us down, Start a fire in our hearts, Or put it out.” In 2012, Reverend Frik Janse van Rensburg, Director of the South Africa/Indian Ocean Region put a fire in our daughter Elisabeth’s heart.

  • Sheep, Goats and God’s Heart for Children

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    It was a chilly (80 degrees) morning when a Burkinabe friend arrived at my house. When it’s hot, I know how to be a good hostess, offering water as the cultural way of expressing welcome, but since my friend arrived wearing a stocking hat, I hesitated.

  • Child Evangelism Fellowship Celebrates President’s 25th Anniversary

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    This year marks the 25th anniversary of Mr. Reese Kauffman’s tenure as president of Child Evangelism Fellowship, which under his leadership has become the largest Christian ministry to children in the world.  Last year, CEF reached 15.6 million children around the globe with the Gospel. 

  • An Appointment with God

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    On October 26, 2014, Rick, eleven others and I visited Missouri Eastern Correctional Center to conduct a worship service. Only Rick and I had been in a prison before so the others’ stomachs turned with excitement and nervous anticipation as they wondered what it would be like.


  • Training

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    TRAININGThe TRAINING of individuals multiplies our ministry and enables us to reach many more children with the Gospel than we otherwise could. For the past eight years we have trained over 250,000 TEACHERS annually. Training is vital if we are to see more children reached for His glory.

  • Equipping

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    EQUIPPINGEQUIPPING our workers with quality literature is ESSENTIAL to effective outreach. Our overseas regional directors confirm that one of the reasons we have been able to expand ministry each of the past ten years is because of the literature being provided FREE OF CHARGE to trained teachers. We are also distributing literature in the USA at NO COST to hundreds of thousands of children.