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  • Boys Death Leads Many to New Life


    This summer in Mexico, children were playing a game of kidnapping others. As they were playing, a six-year-old boy was killed. This small boy's life was cut short by other children and teenagers.

  • Bible Course by Helicopter


    Vera is 12 years old and lives in a very remote village in Siberia. Somehow she got a Bible correspondence course lesson and enrolled. In a letter she wrote to one of the Russian CEF correspondence course centers: “I am so glad that I am corresponding with you. I am very glad to learn about God, about the Lord Jesus Christ and about what He did for us. Usually once a week a helicopter flies to our village and throws down bread and mail. It does not land, except in an emergency, if somebody needs to go to hospital. There is no other way to come to our village than by helicopter. Though I sometimes know that your letter cannot come so fast, I still run to the place where the helicopter flies to.”

  • Children in the Midst of Chaos


    (USA) St. Louis, Missouri seemed to take over the evening news this past fall as protests occurred regarding a police shooting situation in the city of Ferguson. Three Good News Clubs in the area were affected by the unrest and violence taking place around them.

  • Incredible Blessings in Indianapolis


    From July 13 to 25 CEF volunteers from 28 states gathered in Indianapolis for the 2015 Good News Across America® outreach. God blessed in a wonderful way as the teams had opportunity to work with 31 partnering churches across the city.  Each church selected three locations in their community and took vacation Bible school on the road to apartment complexes, community centers, parks and other venues where children gather. Each church also hosted a rally on Friday night which gave them the opportunity to invite those in their community for a meal and closing program.



  • Training


    TRAININGThe TRAINING of individuals multiplies our ministry and enables us to reach many more children with the Gospel than we otherwise could. For the past eight years we have trained over 250,000 TEACHERS annually. Training is vital if we are to see more children reached for His glory.

  • Equipping


    EQUIPPINGEQUIPPING our workers with quality literature is ESSENTIAL to effective outreach. Our regional directors confirm that one of the reasons we have been able o expand ministry each of the past ten years is because of the literature being provided FREE OF CHARGE to trained teachers. We are also distributing literature in the USA at NO COST to hundreds of thousands of children.

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