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  • Enthusiastic Teens Reach Children


    (Madagascar, Antananarivo) A little before 5A.M., I was awoken by the sounds of someone moving around. I opened my eyes and smiled to see that it was two of the older boys studying the Bible lessons they would be teaching at 5-Day Club that day by the light of a candle. These were just two of the amazing kids that God had brought to Christian Youth In Action, Antananarivo; they were focused and so eager to teach and to teach well.

  • Praise God for Record Number of Children Reached!


    Child Evangelism Fellowship is praising God! The year-end statistics are in and CEF national missionaries around the world reached 19.9 million children with the clear message of Christ in 2014. This is a 27.6 percent increase over 2013 and marks the 15th consecutive year of growth for the ministry’s outreach.

  • Niki Overcomes


    Sometimes you face difficult odds and hard people and you overcome. That is a triumphant sort of day. This was the case with Niki, a Romany (Gypsy) Christian living in Greece.

    Niki, the wife of an elder at a newly formed Romany church, decided to take the CEF course Teaching Children Effectively Level 1. She was a volunteer in her church and already telling the children at the Gypsy camp about Jesus, but she wanted to learn how to lead a child to Christ. Though Niki could not read or write,  

  • Not a Mistake


    “I am not a mistake,” cried one 14 year old orphan after hearing how much God loved him and sent His Son to die for his sins. Ms. Mary could not believe her eyes or ears as she witnessed this boy trusting in the Lord Jesus as his Savior and Father! How far she had come from the days when she herself was crying out to God: “I cannot do this any longer, God. You need to give me a break.”



  • Training


    TRAININGThe TRAINING of individuals multiplies our ministry and enables us to reach many more children with the Gospel than we otherwise could. For the past eight years we have trained over 250,000 TEACHERS annually. Training is vital if we are to see more children reached for His glory.

  • Equipping


    EQUIPPINGEQUIPPING our workers with quality literature is ESSENTIAL to effective outreach. Our regional directors confirm that one of the reasons we have been able o expand ministry each of the past ten years is because of the literature being provided FREE OF CHARGE to trained teachers. We are also distributing literature in the USA at NO COST to hundreds of thousands of children.