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Church Partnership Expands Ministry

By Lisa Kilgore

What do you do when your Good News Club® is running really well? Start a second Good News Club! In 2015, Harvest Bible Church decided to partner with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to open a second Good News Club at Brecht Elementary School in Manheim Township.  

The church already had a team that had been running a club at Wharton Elementary School in the School District of Lancaster, and they had enough volunteers to start another club. Brecht was chosen because it was close to their new location in Manheim Township.

Since its beginning, the club has ranged from 6 to 22 students, and for the most part, the team of volunteers has remained the same. When asked why so many volunteers return year after year, Team Leader Stacie Marrie replied, “We love it!”  

The team’s love for the children is evident as they listen carefully to prayer requests and address the children’s questions in small group time.  Whether there are 6 or 16 children, each adult in club works to ensure that the children are heard and valued.  As the current students were asked what they enjoyed about club, each one mentioned something about their leaders. They know they are loved.   

The Brecht team has been blessed with a wonderful relationship with their school secretary and principal; and Harvest Bible is very invested in the school, hosting a staff breakfast and providing “rainy day recess bins” for the classrooms.  

Stacie does note that there are many after-school activities at Brecht, which can sometimes decrease the number of students who attend the club. The team would love for people to pray that more children would hear about club and have easy access to the permission slips.  

Stacie notes that the club has been blessed to open doors for volunteers to share with teachers as well as the children. One child challenged his teacher when she said, “No person is perfect” by piping up, “Jesus is perfect!” The teacher subsequently went to Stacie to ask her how to respond. The child’s question opened the door for Stacie to have additional conversations with the teacher. Praise God for blessing this club with a dedicated team, positive school relationships, and an active partner church!  

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Photo credits: Ashley Christ, Photographer 

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