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The Value of CEF Internships

Apr 11, 2022 | Teach Kids Articles

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Kids hear this question even when they are little, but they feel the pressure more as they reach young adulthood.  Many are unaware of all the options available to them. Exposing young people to different types of work will help them discover their own interests and abilities. During this time of discovery, the most important question to help Christian youth keep in mind is, “What does God want me to do?” God doesn’t call every Christian to serve as a foreign missionary. But He has prepared good works for every one of His children to do, according to Ephesians 2:10. 

Participating in a Christian internship program can help young adults grow spiritually while developing skills and interests. It can help them decide whether to go to college and if they do, what major to choose. Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters offers such an internship program. These internships provide real-world opportunities for hands-on experience in various aspects of the ministry workplace. Opportunities to learn more about working in IT, guest services, international ministries, USA ministries, graphic design, studio, or publications. It’s a great steppingstone toward discovering God’s plan for them.  

Many internships in the business world relegate their interns to menial paperwork, answering phones, and making coffee runs. But CEF relies on their interns to accomplish important projects and fulfill all kinds of duties. 

When Aubrey arrived for her internship, her hope was to be in one music video. But God opened the door even wider than she expected! Aubrey had a vital role in many Good News Club TV videos, and even wrote and edited scripts.  

Seth taught Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs, but he wanted to learn more about the business-side of ministry. During his internship, he took part in a variety of fundraisers, mass mailing campaigns, grant proposals, and building relationships with donors. He said his experience reinforced his love of serving. Seth is currently a CEF Missionary in Hawaii serving all three of his greatest passions in ministry: children, youth, and ministry development.  

Jenna came to intern right out of high school. She wanted to take time off from higher education because she didn’t think she had time or money to “figure it out” in college. Jenna worked in the Creative Services department where she assisted in both literature and studio work. Jenna said God used her internship to show her how higher education can be helpful to people in ministry. So, choosing a college and a major was far easier, because she experienced first-hand how her studies could advance her ministry skills.  

Valuable work experience isn’t all CEF internships offer. Former studio intern, Peter, noted that he had never worked in an environment where prayer and devotions were a daily priority. That environment challenged Peter in his faith walk. He said the experience brought him closer to God. He also appreciated how his co-workers and supervisors made it a priority to support their interns in their walk with the Lord. CEF seeks not only to invest in their intern’s work and ministry skills, but also in in their spiritual wellbeing. Peter now works as a full-time media specialist in the CEF Studio.   

Whether you or the young adult in your life is looking for academic credit, work experience, or a gap-year program, CEF offers unique opportunities to discover gifts, gain experience, and do meaningful work that impacts kids around the globe with the Gospel of Christ. More information on our internship program along with job descriptions are available at 


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