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Changing Lives for Jesus: The Impact of Christian Youth in Action® on Christian Youth

Mar 13, 2023 | Teach Kids Articles

by Deb Hane

Inspiring Bold and Effective Witnesses for Christ

The Christian Youth In Action® program has been transforming the lives of young people across the United States and around the world. Teenagers who dedicate six weeks of their summer to attend 1-2 weeks of intensive training emerge with the confidence, faith, and leadership skills to lead 5-Day Clubs for boys and girls. These young missionaries gather in backyards, neighborhood parks, community centers, and daycare centers to teach Bible lessons, play games, study Bible verses, and learn about missions.

The impact of Christian Youth in Action is profound, as demonstrated by Alan, a recent high school graduate, who led an exciting Bible lesson filled with spiritual truths for children. At the end of the lesson, Alan invited the children to accept Jesus as their Savior, and many responded, including Matt, a young boy who had been known to prepare children for gang membership. Matt’s commitment to Christ changed his neighborhood, inspiring others to embrace the Gospel.

Christian Youth in Action offers an opportunity for every child to be used for God’s glory, regardless of their age or background. Sarah, a 10-year-old helper at her mother’s Good News Club®, attended CYIA™ training and demonstrated remarkable confidence and boldness in sharing the Gospel with other children. Through CYIA, Sarah was able to lead 19 children to profess faith in Christ in just one week.

If you know a high school or college-age student who is ready to grow deeper in their faith, become a bold, effective witness for Christ, and influence children’s lives for eternity, inspire them to take action through Christian Youth in Action®. Visit to learn more.


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