Mission Trends

I heard Harlan’s amazing story 30 years ago. It impacted my view of the world and missions and my understanding of what commitment to Christ should be. Over time the world has changed. Communism is not the threat it was when I was growing up. How can you help your kids get an accurate view of missions today so they will want to be involved in the Great Commission as adults?

Does God Actually Love Everyone?

Although there are questions you may think are ridiculous, like that one, there are also questions that leave you digging through Scripture for days. One such question is: How can God say He loves all people when the Bible says that He hates Esau?

The Strong-Willed Child

My son is three years old. He is hilarious, busy, and has energy to fuel at least three other kids (or at least it seems that way)! He already has a very strong personality. He loves people, but he also loves the idea of being in charge.

Dating Defined

If you teach preteens you’ve heard giggling, flirting and talk of who likes who. Behind all this talk are assumptions and beliefs about dating that need to be replaced.

Love With Jesus’ Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help kids realize that love can only begin when we invite Jesus into our hearts. Then we can share His special love with others.

Intensive Care for Children in Unchurched Homes

Discouragement among children’s workers at churches around the country is often tied to the fallout of kids from unchurched families. After faithfully planting seeds and even seeing salvation decisions, workers witness the children’s faith eroding as they return to difficult family situations.

Teaching with Tech

Does the phrase, “Teaching with technology in Sunday school” make you say “YES!” or “Uh oh!”? I’ll admit, I’m a little of both. My personal collection of smart devices is very small and my church doesn’t have a ton of tech stuff in our classrooms either.

What’s Happening in the Classroom

Suppose you could read the thoughts of the workers you supervise. Consider how you would react to the following scenarios as you put your name in each blank.
It’s a good thing __________ doesn’t know what’s happening in my class today. It’s been a hectic week! There’s no way I could take time to prepare the lesson.