Communication Skills

Your Communications skills contribute greatly to warm, accepting environment needed to effectively relate God’s Word to your students. Classroom communication is both nonverbal and verbal.

Where God Leads

My father was a pastor but in 1944 he became a Navy chaplain and moved our family to Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I was just six years old I was invited to a woman’s house for Good News Club®. We sang songs and learned verses. She told the Passover story and as she put pictures on the flannel board, she explained how the blood put over the door post was a picture of the cross.

Comforting children with scripture

One of our primary aims as Christian educators is to get our learners in the habit of going to God’s Word for daily living and for help when trouble comes. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to quote just the right verse for an occasion. But it’s even better if you can point a child to the place in his own Bible where he can read God’s promise for himself. Here are some tips for making it happen.

Children Hurt Too

Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. Last week you would have linked them by the words celebrity, highly successful, talented. Not this week. Last week both committed suicide.

How Generous Are You?

Years ago we learned a lesson we’ve never forgotten. We were new recruits on a staff to train teens for summer ministry. The training week schedule offered only a few slivers of free time. We savored the mini-breaks—time for a quiet walk or a quick nap.

Just Turn Around

Check out this new 360 degree song video! This song is featured in our new Turned Around 5-Day Club Kit.

Mormon Family Transformed by Gospel

The last day of Christian Youth In Action training dawned on a June morning with a mist evaporating off the mountains and the sun shining over the Clearwater Valley. Excitement raced through the young people as this was to be a special day. Today was the day for them to test their wings with open-air ministry.