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Emojis As a Teaching Tool? Yes!

Kid’s ministry has changed so much over the last ten years! For example, I did not own a cell phone until I was 19. Now kids get them at younger and younger ages and because of this texting and social media are becoming more and more relevant to even young children.

The Girl in the Red Dress

She was three when her mother took her to a Sunday school class for the first time; a shy, blonde girl with hazel-brown eyes, dressed in a red dress with hair ribbons to match.

Make the Most of Every Moment

Looking back over 30 years of children’s ministry, I regret the times I put the urgency of completing the lesson ahead of the needs of my learners. I regret the times I told a child I would be glad to listen to his concern over his sick cat “later.”

Finding God in the Nonfiction Section

Sherry Biddison teaches a Good News Club in the school library with a sign above her head which reads, “Non-Fiction.” It is fitting, because the Bible is as nonfiction as it gets! Children today are offered many different versions of ‘truth’ by their parents, teachers, friends, and TV celebrities.

Miracle in the Oklahoma Panhandle

There is a small town in the Oklahoma panhandle that has no church or church building, but only an elementary school and city hall. In the fall of 2011, a small group of believers and their Pastor from a town 12 miles away began praying about outreach to the children in this small town.