Teens Learn Leadership Skills in CYIA

Take a deep breath and hold on to your Bibles, CEF® groupies. Here is my confession: I have no experience with a 5-Day Club®, and neither have I ever seen a Good News Club® in action. I did not know that much of the work done for 5-Day Club was done by teenagers. These teens are part of Christian Youth In Action® (CYIA™).

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3 Tips for Maintaining Attention

Maintaining the attention and focus of children can be a big challenge. We all as teachers want to make an impact and help change lives by teaching the truth, explaining concepts, and sharing life lessons to the next generation. But how can we impact their lives if they’re not paying attention?

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What’s Your Worldview?

If you were to type “worldview” into your web browser, you would likely find over 45 million results. The word has been around since the Age of Enlightenment and was coined by the influential German philosopher, Immanuel Kant.

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