Motivating Your Primaries

Motivating yourself to teach can be difficult enough: every week you must somehow manage to get to Sunday school or club with lesson prepared, crafts ready for assembly and your patience braced for the inevitable confrontation with the third-grade bully.

CYIA Impacts the Whole Family

What difference can two weeks of a training camp make in a family’s life?  If you asked the Anderson’s, it can make a life-changing difference!

Conversations with Children

Young children tend to monopolize conversations with adults. Ask a kindergartner about a movie he’s seen and he’ll recite the entire screenplay before coming up for air.

Nigerian Grandmother & Missionary Mary

One night I noticed a lady with her granddaughter standing nearby looking on as we taught 5-Day Club® in a park. I recognized the lady’s beautiful African accent so I approached them and introduced myself.

Think Like a Teacher!

Do you ever feel like your stu­dents are just enduring the Bible lesson? When planning lessons or com­municating in the classroom, effec­tive teachers repeatedly ask them­selves some evaluative questions.

Teaching the Future

A group of young people out front tossing a Frisbee back and forth, talking and laughing—just a group of teenagers having fun, right? Yes, but a serious focus had brought them all together.