Tips & Tricks

Is He Sure He’s Saved?

Is He Sure He’s Saved? Stories from CEF Is He Sure He’s Saved? —Sally Middleton In one of our children’s classes we mentioned that some people doubt God’s Word. “Not me,” Danny said. “I don’t doubt.” He hasn’t! Greg belongs to the same group, hears the same lessons, asked Christ to save him... Read More

Communication Skills

Communication Skills Tips & Tricks Communications Skills —Stephen Briggs Your Communications skills contribute greatly to warm, accepting environment needed to effectively relate God’s Word to your students. Classroom communication is both nonverbal and verbal. Nonverbal Skills The... Read More

Comforting children with scripture

Comforting children with scripture Tips & Tricks Comforting Children with Scripture -Robert Choun One of our primary aims as Christian educators is to get our learners in the habit of going to God’s Word for daily living and for help when trouble comes. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to quote just... Read More

How Generous Are You?

How Generous Are You? Tips & Tricks How Generous Are You? -Barth and Sally Middleton Years ago we learned a lesson we’ve never forgotten. We were new recruits on a staff to train teens for summer ministry. The training week schedule offered only a few slivers of free time. We savored the... Read More

The New Kid

The New Kid Tips & Tricks The New Kid -Robert Choun One of my childhood goals was to win an award for perfect Sunday school attendance. To earn it I had to attend out-of-town churches on the weekends our family traveled. One Sunday morning I walked three blocks to the nearest... Read More

Sound Advice for Auditory Learners

Sound Advice for Auditory Learners Tips & Tricks Sound Advice for Auditory Learners -Pat Verbal “Their children, who do not know this law, must hear it and learn to fear the Lord your God” (Deut. 31:13). My son, Ron loved his fifth grade teacher because she enjoyed storytelling, dramas and lively... Read More