Tips & Tricks

The Master’s Touch

The Master’s Touch Tips and Tricks The Master’s Touch -Julie Cox I once read an article about the importance of hugging. From documented evidence the author concluded that everyone needs 12 hugs a day to stay emotionally healthy. While I don’t claim to be an expert on emotional... Read More

Moving from Memorization to Meditation

Moving from Memorization to Meditation Tips and Tricks Moving from Memorization to Meditation -Sharon Hattaway Jessie, a fourth-grader, knows the difference between memorizing a verse and learning a verse. When her Good News Club teachers asked Jessie why Christian children should learn God’s Word her... Read More

Motivation 101

Motivation 101 Tips and Tricks Motivation 101 -Reese Kauffman There must be a thousand ways to teach basic motivation. I remember stories I heard as a child. There was “The Little Engine That Could.” Generations of children have learned from this story that if they really put their... Read More

Make the Most of Every Moment

Make the Most of Every Moment Tips and Tricks Make the Most of Every Moment -Robert Choun No one’s dying words were ever, “If I’d only spent more time at the office!” When time runs out, we learn to regret its misuse. Looking back over 30 years of children’s ministry, I regret the times I put the... Read More

Known by Their Name

Known by Their Name Stories from CEF Known by Their Name -Susan Lingo Every experienced gardener knows that labeling seeds as they are planted helps distinguish good plants from weeds later. Use the following activity to show kids that Christians should produce the good fruits of love,... Read More

Intentional Child Evangelism

Intentional Child Evangelism Stories from CEF Intentional Child Evangelism -Elsie Lippy The word intentional is popular among educators today. We used to say plan for it to happen! However you say it, child evangelism is a must. Last year I received a letter from a teacher who asked, “What are... Read More