Tips & Tricks

Faith Steps For Siblings in Conflict

Faith Steps For Siblings in Conflict Tips and Tricks Faith Steps for Siblings in Conflict -Pat Verbal A Sunday school teacher received this prayer request: “I share a room with my sister, Little Miss Innocent, who always gets me in trouble. Pray I don’t kill her!” Sibling rivalry is as old as Cain and... Read More

Energize Personal Bible Reading

Energize Personal Bible Reading Tips and Tricks Energizing a Personal Bible Reading -Robert Choun As Christian educators we must help children understand the importance of God’s Word in their daily lives by example. Although modeling is a crucial factor, it is not enough. To encourage children to... Read More

Crispy Temptation

Crispy Temptation Tips & Tricks Crispy Temptation -Reese Kauffman President of CEF I love the donut store in my town. I have been in countless donut shops in my life but there is something special about that neon light that proclaims “Hot Donuts Now” in bright red. What can be better... Read More

Pre-Teen Connection: Eternal Impact Requires Extra Effort

Pre-Teen Connection: Eternal Impact Requires Extra Effort Tips & Tricks Pre-Teen Connection: Eternal Connection Requires Extra Effort -Gordon and Becki West Pre-teens are on the go like never before. Any parent of an early adolescent knows this generation is a busy one with no shortage of activity in kids’ lives. My wife,... Read More

Motivating Your Primaries

Motivating Your Primaries Tips & Tricks Motivating Your Primaries -Robert Choun Motivating yourself to teach can be difficult enough: every week you must somehow manage to get to Sunday school or club with lesson prepared, crafts ready for assembly and your patience braced for the inevitable... Read More

Conversations with Children

Conversations with Children Tips & Tricks Conversations with Children -Robert Choun Talking Builds Trust Young children tend to monopolize conversations with adults. Ask a kindergartner about a movie he’s seen and he’ll recite the entire screenplay before coming up for air. Adolescents represent... Read More