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Leading and Serving through CEF Board Membership

Across the United States, faithful believers with vision and godly character lead the CEF work in their states and local areas. Fulfilling the call of God in their lives, they direct the ministry by serving on local committees and state boards. For more information use the menu on the right or contact [email protected].

The High Calling of CEF Boards in the USA

There is no greater joy than being involved in God’s work. Of all the work that can be done on this Earth, God’s work has benefits that last for all of eternity. The vision of CEF USA Ministries is guiding a new generation that seeks to honor God. This generation is searching. They are searching for significance, they are searching for meaning, and they are searching for their place in this world. Our mission here at CEF is to enlist, equip, encourage qualified leaders to enable fulfillment of the purpose of CEF, and then to establish chapters throughout the United States. God’s calling for board and committee members is a high calling. Every decision you make and every prayer you pray impacts boys and girls here and all over the world for future generations. Will you earnestly pray and seek God’s face about serving the least of these? You can make a huge difference and be part of the largest children’s ministry in the world.
If you are currently a member of a CEF board or committee, thank you for the leadership you bring to this important ministry. If you are interested in finding out more about serving as a state board member, complete the State Board Nominee Questionnaire application (see menu on right) or contact your state CEF chapter for more information. Go to For an local committee questionnaire, contact your local CEF director.