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“Training” Promotional Video

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Training Makes a Difference

Training Makes a Difference

A student from South Africa who was enrolled in the Romans Road for Children course wrote: “I cannot thank God enough for His amazing grace! We have a weekly Good News Club® in our garage and the average attendance for the past year has been about 30 children…40 children believed in Jesus as their Savior. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to learn the Romans Road Tool and the power of God’s Word to transform lives.”

Training Multiplies Ministry

How far would you travel to learn how to reach children with the Gospel? Recently in Madrid, Spain a training course was taught over a series of five Saturdays.

Training Resources

Contact your local CEF chapter for information about training in your area

Free Wordless Book Training

Training in effective methods for using The Wordless Book is now available online for free through the Children’s Ministries Institute®.