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Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day


Working Together Opens Doors

An exciting collaboration is opening doors in apartment communities across the United States! Child Evangelism Fellowship® and Global Ministries Foundation® (GMF) are working together to reach America’s children with the Gospel.

GMF is a unique ministry that seeks to reach underprivileged families with the Gospel of Christ. One way they accomplish this goal is by investing “in real estate opportunities that provide affordable housing for low to moderate income residents around the United States.” Each one of the properties has a chaplain assigned to help meet the spiritual needs of the residents through Bible studies, church services, or even 5-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs.

Last summer CEF® and GMF together hosted a 5-Day Club® in each of three apartment complexes in Indianapolis during Good News Across America®. This year 5-Day Clubs will be hosted again in these apartment complexes with the goal of having a community based Good News Club® starting in the fall. At one of these 5-Day Clubs, the CEF team was worried that no children would show up, so the GMF chaplain went around the complex inviting the children he knew lived there. Several middle-school aged boys decided to “hang out” at the 5-Day Club since they liked the chaplain. During the Bible lesson about Cain and Abel, the boys were very interested in hearing from the Bible and understanding what it meant. The CEF team quickly realized that these boys had little exposure to the Bible and were new to most of what was being shared in the club. Since this GMF chaplain had an existing relationship with these boys, they were able to hear the Gospel for the first time.

As the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship continues to fulfill the goal of reaching every child, every nation, every day we are excited to announce that GMF has invited CEF into more of their communities around the US. This summer, 5-Day Clubs will be taking place at GMF apartment complexes in four different states. The hope is that each of these 5-Day Clubs will transition into Good News Clubs in the fall. God is truly working through the collaboration of CEF and GMF. Together, we are reaching children with the message of Jesus Christ.

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