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Whether you are a Children’s Church worker, a seasoned Sunday School teacher, a small group leader for Vacation Bible School, or new volunteer in any children’s ministry, we are here to help you with all of the mysteries and dilemmas that come up while working with children. Sunday School Solutions is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship. CEF has over 85 years of experience in ministering to children all over the USA and around the world. It is our desire to help you in all aspects of your children’s ministry.

The Parable of the Sower

There’s nothing like a good story. They not only captivate our attention, but they help us understand truths that we know so well in a new and valuable way. Jesus knew this, so He often spoke in parables to teach His followers important lessons. Parables are fictional stories that teach a spiritual truth. Jesus told over 30 of them. These included the parables of the mustard seed, the lost sheep, and the good Samaritan, to name a few.

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Choosing Curriculum

Choosing Curriculum

Have you ever pulled into the drive-through of a fast food restaurant just to be overwhelmed by the menu options? Sometimes, those choices can seem like a bit much. It can be the same way when choosing a curriculum for your children’s Sunday school class. With all the options available, both good and bad, it can be hard to know which curriculum would work best with the children at your church.

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Children's Ministries Institute

If you have a heart for reaching children for Christ and discipling them, if you desire to train others in this ministry or if you are seeking career opportunities in this field, CMI is just what you need.

CEF Press

CEF Press produces and distributes Bible and missionary lessons and related materials for use in teaching children to help accomplish the goals of the ministry.